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Charley Steiner dodgers radio. They wanna beating the reds four three SEO. Puig was back. He actually showed up to the ballpark late, and then homers and his first about against Clayton Kershaw. I I love the guy, but he's such. He's crazy. About Christian yelich rice and Chris have an unbelievable season. Eight home runs and twenty two RBI's. There's somebody actually having a better season than him. All right, Cody Bellinger, nine twenty three Rb is Cody bellinger's batting four thirty three right now. That's amazing. Yeah. Pretty good start so far for the. Seven at bats as having a hell of a season. He's off to a great start to tighten Pittsburgh island whose go for the sweep of the penguins on radio dot com and wfaNcom at seven thirty last night. The avalanche the predators hurricanes and Maple Leafs. All one and the flyers hire former ranger head coach Alain vigneault as their new head coach, thanks, Jerry. So this is the tweet from Adams Goria who is covering the Saint John's search you said there's a bit of a power struggle at Saint John's being Joe alita who favors porter Moser and Mike crag who wants him clues as of Friday. The job was ten clues one source said Saint John's met with Moser tonight that was last night. So Joe alita is the VP of administration secretary general counsel. He was an intern deed was big in the hiring, Chris Mullin. So this is a guy now who is just give him the job apparently getting his way over the new way that you brought in according to Adams gory tweet. Outlet. If porter Moser gets the job, which is. Moses gonna come into a situation where the AD wanted him second. Yeah. Doesn't seem right. Does it? It doesn't. All right. We've got a ticket drop right now..

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