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What was going through your mind when you made such and such and how does this kind of sector way. You're gonna feel the next several days knowing that this Out of your hands rather than a man. That was a dumb move. Why did you do it right like it's just one of those things. You have to understand amulet much time. Or how much do you think about the questions. You ask or the prep-work you put in going into an interview. Because i feel like there's a lot of times where kind of what you were just saying. It's very easy to ask the easy questions. Or as i like to call him the lazy questions. So how much time do you put into wanting to be different really sitting down and thinking about how you want to ask something and just not again not always going for the easy stuff or the stuff that's been asked before right and that's a four because that's the college the low hanging fruit or you call. It is always right there. And you don't want because these guys answer the same questions over and over and especially as drivers. I mean these guys have been doing interviews since they were kids. It's one of the sports work. You're almost trained from the youngest age. Be able to do an interview because he got say. This plug my sponsor plug my team. Do this do that. That these guys have heard it all set it all. It's point where yet you could ask the normal question that's there or you can kind of think about it and trying to listen an answer. That's different than what they might be asked to kind of. Make them thinking kind of take back because that's when get more of the real and genuine answers. A driver doesn't automatically go to their answer and they may stop for a second but like oh. I haven't thought of it that way are oh. That's a good question and they have to take seconds of big rather than going with right away..

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