Paul Paul, Van Garwood, Td Ameritrade discussed on Radio Night Live with Kevin McCullough


Brokerage fidelity dot com. TD Ameritrade is another one. That's good. But each rate. Yeah. They're all I got some with with the company that I get through we walk inviting gar vanguard has a brokerage. So that's a good one the broker side. There's two there's two sides to van gardens. Fidelity one is mutual fund side one is individual brokerage where you can buy individual stocks are van garwood would be fine. Okay. All right. All right. Thank you. Thank you. All right. Thank you so much. Let me go to Paul Paul's corners from Texas. Paul. Good morning. The morning. I have. AL dot. I don't. Doc. Bankrupty? I'm wondering. This box hang on for a long time. You said PPNL, right? Yep. The. You mean p P and G? P P P and G is the one that's filed for bankruptcy. The wrong term analogy. From my list, you have it for my list..

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