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Kushinka in for gordon deal along with rasa kaye some of our top stories and headlines this morning new york city's worst fire in 25 years has killed at least twelve in the bronx new york city tightening security for sunday night's ball drop apple has apologized for slowing down older iphone models and says it will be reducing the price of replacement batteries rosemarie known for her role and the dick van dyke show has died at the age of ninety four and the waste the technology will change your life and two thousand eighteen for better and worse that story in about twenty minutes well a lot of people came and went in the white house in two thousand seventeen and more departures are expected in two thousand eighteen allies tokoza the wall street journal is here with that story ally who were some of the biggest names who left this year well i mean we can throw with michael cohen he was fired up to twenty five from a job baron rights creeper were gone before the end of the summer anthony scaramucci who asked to eleven days of communications director in july and just in december there have been three highlevel eight who have basically said look we're leaving in early january writer of what your mark heavy tina powell that would be rick dearborn the deputy chief of staff and also omarosa banoco special adviser to the president who um ran afoul of the new chief of staff john kelly who wanted her out thought she was a troublemaker and john kelly of course one of those people who started in one position as the secretary of the department of homeland security and then wound up being moved to chief of staff in july to replace priebus and john kelly vacancy he was eventually replaced the dhs by his deputy so you just have a lot of musical chairs everyone's jokes that sort of.

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