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A tool is a time stamp and then we draw a an astrological chart on our computer. Now what that chart really is is the representation of the sky at that moment and we can see where the planets are we can see the degrees and the positions in the sky but instead of looking up like they did in the old days. We're looking down at our computer and different aspects. There are different things that we see all the time In a in a time stamp which we would call pattern and that's how a lot of forensic astrologers really research and come to solid conclusions because they record the charts that they see and then they determine different patterns so if there is a certain planet in a certain position and the chart and you've seen that five hundred times in specific type of crime like maybe a a female Killed her husband or A man killed his brother or certain types of scenarios we start to understand that that pattern can represent that that act or criminal act so men were work so your work. Actually that you have kept. And i have heard you stay at a hundred times. I have seen this before on such and such case. And we you compare it so actually. Your work is pretty groundbreaking in the forensic astrology community. Correct i i would hope so and we all have strengths and i struggled through my life. Finding what exactly what my strength was. And then when i started doing this i had no idea. And you and i are both lebron's so we're kind of. We feel a little flighty sometimes. 'cause we're an air sign but imagine my surprise when i realized they almost had a photographic memory when it came to charts where i would look at say a crime chart for I don't know delphi delphi. Or the Delphi indiana snapchat. And then i can see that and maybe remember another crime where there was the same type of pattern and then.

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