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Federal funding that we need to provide services for the two point seven million people of Miami Dade County, the county commission also took up vote ratify not the mayor's order, but what we had in twenty thirteen. Carlos Martinez is Miami Dade County public defender. He spoke at that meeting and argued local jails shouldn't hold immigrants for the federal government, which would make a few years earlier. He had made the same arguments including that costs Miami Dade taxpayers millions of dollars. But this time the arguments didn't work it was surreal to be showing up back before the same commission had the same commissioners that we had had before. And all of a sudden the arguments that were made before. As to why pass the ordinance the resolution to begin with all of a sudden that was insufficient when the commission passed the new resolution, they specified the federal government doesn't have to reimburse the county this time the commission was okay spending the county's own money to risk not losing other federal funding. What it said to me was that there stated support for the immigrant community was very shallow again Jonathan freed of the immigrant rights group. We count that they could throw folks under the bus so easily when President Trump made that threat we count is now suing Miami Dade for changing its policy saying holding immigrants for the federal government is unconstitutional. A second lawsuit against Miami Dade using the same argument is also moving forward Commissioner Sally Hayman believes she did the right thing and reversing her own policy to protect funding for Miami Dade County. She asks what if we'd missed out on money that county needed for hurricane Irma recovery. For example. But at the same time, she's glad there's legal challenges to President Trump's order for the courts. Meanwhile, six states and cities, like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco are also suing the federal government on the grounds. That forcing them to hold immigrants is unconstitutional. The lawsuits say these were requests not legal obligations to cooperate with ice to date. The Trump administration has not withheld federal funding from anything Curie city for here. Now, I'm Danny Rivera in Miami. Just as Los Angeles. Teachers reached an agreement to end a strike teachers in Denver voted to start a strike as soon as next Monday. The union has been negotiating with the district for more than a year to overhaul the compensation system because of high turnover schools are open today in Denver as the superintendent of schools meets with the new governor of Colorado. Jared police the governor joined me for an interview yesterday before the strike was approved to talk about a range of issues poll us is a forty three year old democrat who just over as governor from Democrat John Hickenlooper earlier this month. Police had represented Colorado's second district in congress since two thousand nine before that he made hundreds of millions of dollars in the dot com..

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