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The downtown Austin alliance hopes to clear up questions about the new homeless ordinance there's been no shortage of debate over this issue some civil some not so civil so on Tuesday the downtown Austin alliance along with police he Brian manly and other officials from the city will address concerns questions even myths surrounding how these changes might impact you your family or your business since the topic of relaxing ordinances governing camping sitting and lying in public first surfaced the downtown Austin alliance has been very vocal in opposition the council's decision is also fueled one of the many feuds between the city of Austin then governor Greg Abbott Patrick Osborne newsradio kill the gentiles Austin business also says it's having problems with the homeless Clint straight of street music company says he's still dealing with the same side effects of Austin's large homeless population they're breaking my trash cans cardboard or what not got a tractor work had to keep that on my breaststroke I had someone come in my store was washing themselves things like you know I find needles in my parking lot sometimes despite what the city may think is right or wrong with the ordinances street fears the ordinance change will only build the local homeless population as the city grows and open arms reputation Junglee newsradio kale the second time this month the capital metro bus catches fire three lanes of southbound one eighty three a in cedar park we're close for three hours only the driver was on board at the time last week a capital metro bus caught fire near south Congress and old source of fight over waste water is brewing in Caldwell county at issue is a waste water treatment plan for a new development south of la carte called cherry ville TCEQ granted a permit that residents say is too lax San Marcos river foundation director Diane Watson excess they fought the city of San Marcos to have more robust waste water treatment a quarter century ago and one that we are hoping that bill will listen to us and just do the right thing with the equipment they're already installing that can already accomplish this better quality discharging waste water would go into a creek that serves community wells and goes into the San Marcos river Eric like of newsradio kale beach a little four here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda branch the record thirty five south on it did the first three let's have cleared from the left planes that we have solid delays all the way back to breaker also wrapped on when he beat three southbound right before you get to.

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