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Oh Wow wasn't ending Do you have a podcast by carton. Oh Okay and I guess that is a question we can ask. Do you have a broadcast RAICA. I don't have have a podcast. That's fun I used to have a podcast. It's called Erotic Book Club over three erotic books on Amazon. They're free free because we want people to like read with us and not have to buy them and so we were reviews with her erotic books on Scott. Es there are you're what for Nessie was a fan favorite. It's about someone who wants to fuck the Loch Ness Monster and we review them extensively and it's a very fun time that that's my podcast. Okay and of course. Astronomy Club is on Netflix. Now and college humor at College. Humor's ars youtube channel. You can see three these Things a week and a fourth one. You're just shit Outta luck. Yeah you're just like you're never ever GonNa Pie that out of my hands uh-huh and Chris what do you want to plug here anything Do you have a podcast You know what I was thinking about your catchphrase. Hey great if it gets worse and worse In a little bit. But yeah I kind of I did indeed. Indeed this web series inspired by the Webster's I worked on each episode. Is this like the fast and furious presenting a different movie exactly. Yeah each. Each episode is a different one of my resentments. mm-hmm so you WanNa do this website series. Yeah okay can I get a chance for because you're looking for investors astor's backer and right now. The budget is We're looking at twenty bucks per episode. Oh yeah that's pretty cheap for web series because all the guys I worked with on our I previous web series that they do some favors so check it out when it comes out We're nice guys. They've given you a living room. Yeah they're they're part of A Christian skating group. This was a Christian web series win. Yeah a lot of people who have faith that that is 'cause you know I think that you know a group and then they surprise you. Yeah and they're they're skaters. You said or roller skating roller skating okay. And they're How how are they Christian? While they're roller skating we They'll be skating around me so you're a giant. I ended up getting baptized last month. Congratulations -gratulations yeah. It was very cool. Yeah how'd you like Jesus being your Lord I think it's very. He's very forgiving and part of the whole thing and sometimes I cry because he died for Mason. It's like you you don't mind being ruled by someone as long as they forgive you for everything that you do. It's okay to be subjugated. Yeah as as long as they're very forgiving he figures and then he punishes me. Yeah so if there are any overlords out there listening by the way that's the way to do it. Just be very forgiving people and we will talk to you guys talking. Sarah Do you have anything to plug plug up like all the whole place vice show. I'll died seeing stars. You're saying fuck AH STARS GOTTA plug build a hall heels. No I'm just locked him of you. If you WANNA like helped outlay game places Sti- or coordinate through then I'd love and coordination that living room that you have the bed in yes it studio studio city. It's actually across from the trader Joe's. Oh Laura Ranford yeah. It's nice to have money from the Christianity. Andy Yeah there's a pink bury their to Great Hey speaking of Pink Berry Sarah Grab a pink area. After if you we'll pay for it on tash instincts awesome in. I love it and I just wanted to be one hundred percent Transparent I interested in you sexually or maybe just as a companion. I didn't mean to speak for. I mean I could go there. I would actually like to know you in a romantic way. That's a lot to I. I'm all mobile that I'm all about Sharon and Karen on Sharon and Karen that competition Chris. Positively for secrets. And I'd love to hear. Your secrets is abate of May December right definitely. I can't quite get a hold. I am never gas prices right roles all the prices rose. I'm going to go one dollars. Okay preemptively one dollar old. Yes I wanNA plug between Burns. Movie is still out there. You can watch it whenever and wherever I don't give a shit and be like Rica's Mama or ankle was it uncle who's who watched all the way to the end. My Dad. Your Dad did encouraged everyone else to also watch all the way to the end of a move always. Because you're in the last I seen yes and you did. A wonderful looping job on said seeing fell match and do i WanNa Pug Anything's Oh yes. Yes vote for the Comedy Bang Bang Best of twenty nine thousand nine episodes. There's another week left And votes are flying but you only have another week Donald Brianna well. This'll be in next year's my dear because this one is ineligible so sorry But certainly from Thanksgiving thanksgiving fuck. Wow Talk Oh my God. You're melting years literally melting Chris. On Man I was like so excited for that day. Wow that's incredible. I've never seen someone be so upset to their episode wasn't eligible all that they literally melted. I guess fame as a universal language destroys everybody dating in La Sex. Yeah this is just just moved here in. La Hate to tell us to your city lead heck in the valley is it can say from La. No that's fair. All right so vote vote go over here Wolf Dot Com and figure out where the voting is or go to my twitter all posted the link. All right let's close up the old club bag..

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