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And so if you see yourself in that panorama doing something mean to somebody. Then end the review you are actually you're embedded in their consciousness where you feel directly and empathic -ly heard and so on or if you see yourself doing a kindhearted thing somebody you feel good feelings and so the most shocking thing about these pathak death experiences is that even bat alamo. now that sometimes occurs to the bystanders. Like i've talked to a lot of people who say that. Yeah as uncle charlie. Or whoever died bit i sort of saw his whole life in this panorama and i gotta say that's very embarrassing to me because you know i'm hoping to recuse myself from my own life review and you know you'd think about the idea there might be back there. There is kind of embarrassing right and yet the people. I've heard this from say in effect that it's no. It's in the midst of the experiences very natural and that as i like to think of it as a psychiatrist everybody has pretty much things secrets. So in that context becomes more understandable but as to fly this occurs. Which is your very good question. I don't know. I know that it does cause i hear it from people all the time. And even that though. Ross really doesn't give us logical proof of an afterlife however i do think that it is now possible to have something that if not a rational proof of an afterlife is at least a major breakthrough in the rational investigation of life after that and what that comes from i think is then. We've got to meet the problem. Half way i mean david him. I'm sure you know him. He's the great skeptic of the eighteenth century talked about khazal t and inductive logic and so on and in his essay on immortality. He said bond mirror light of reason it seems. Difficult to prove the immortality of the soul which is kind of an understatement of is if you think about it but then he went on to say some new species of logic is required for that purpose and some new faculties of the mind that they may enable us to comprehend that logic and what he was. Getting at. Which i think is correct. Is that the mind we hands. And the logic we have and twenty twenty one or just not up to the problem of life after death that something. That's beyond us well said actually. This is something. I was going to ask you about it. Because you have this other book called making sense of nonsense and it also makes me think about dream language and dreaming because modern science says dreaming is just a screen saver for the mind but many cultures put a lot of importance on the dream world and consider it in the same or similar context as the spirit world and it's always this archetypal paradoxical type of symbolism and it has meaning and it is often illogical at times. I'm curious if you think that the dream world and dream interpretation might relate to the content of this new nonsense based logic..

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