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That's what the city's mayor James would calls Fridays workplace mass shooting a disgruntled city worker, opened fire in the city building, killing at least twelve people, injuring others. Some critically before dining in a hail police bullets. Police chief James severa the folks who work in that building. I have a number of officers right now, who are processing through what does can be described as a war zone. Though, larger than the suspects a dentist as Dwayne Craddock who worked as an engineer for the city's public utilities, police, not commenting on a motive politicians reacting to the shooting. New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio saying in a tweet each within our power to stop these mass murders, gun control now. Meanwhile, house minority whip Steve, Scalise survived a shooting at a two thousand seventeen congressional baseball game tweets that his prayers are with the victims and the also think the first responders who took down the shooter in Washington. Fox News, strong reaction also coming into President Trump's threat to impose tariffs on Mexico, unless it does something to stop illegal immigrants from flowing into the US. New tariffs could make deep cuts into the more than three hundred seventy billion dollars worth of exports into the US and make no mistake about it. President Trump blames the Mexican government, but what he calls passive cooperation. And allowing this mass incursion, adding that constitutes an emergency and extraordinary threat to the national security economy. The United States. Fox's Kevin Corke US business leaders fear those tariffs on top of the ones placed on Chinese goods will slow US and global economies. Investors did not like the news either. The Dow plunged three hundred fifty four points on Friday, and the Catholic church says the US allegations of child sex abuse by priests more than doubled over the last twelve months.

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