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Particularly for black woman, a black woman it, I know I'm just in my own personal network when we see Stacey Abrams of if you weeks ago, you know, there with the HP c educating their with her natural hair there with very imperfect story and just sharing that it that resonates with us. And then it also allows us to become vulnerable and say, you know, what it's okay You know, it's it's okay. If I step up to this plate and take a chance on myself into share my story with the world. So seeing people like Stacey really makes the difference in really resume or women who look like myself to step up and to not be afraid to to share their stories and just really put themselves out there. This is Sarah for the left and Beth from the right? You're listening to pay to follow ticks, they're shouting. No insults. Plenty of months. Over one. Welcome to another episode of pantsuit politics. We are back from our little media trip to New York City, which we can't wait to talk about later in the episode today. We're going to talk about the news about our conversation with no Rothman, we're gonna share an interview we did with Courtney hill, and as always talk about what's on her mind outside politics, as you may have heard we have a new book out called. I think you're wrong. But I'm listening guide to grace filled political conversation, you can get that on any place. You get your books including Amazon, and if you already have received your book and loved it. We would be attorney grateful for a review on Amazon and helps more people find the book before we get started. We wanted to share to upcoming dates in which you can come see the magic that is pants politics in person on Thursday this Thursday, February twenty eighth we will be at the historic art craft theater in Franklin, Indiana. So you can get tickets on our Facebook page, so if you're anywhere near Franklin. Indiana, and you wanna say pants politics live come on down. We're going to do a reading from our book and a book signing, and we'll get to meet everybody in the audience very excited, then on Saturday March ninth we will be at the McCracken county public library in Paducah Kentucky, come to a magical place. You can come see the top chef finalist. Sarah, Bradley freight house thing come see Sarah Beth at the public library. It's going to be amazing. And we're gonna do an autograph signing in the afternoon or book signing where we put our audience in your book. So if you're anywhere near Paducah Kentucky, or if you just want to fly to Paducah Kentucky, which is also fine. We have an airport PS. We're really excited about that date as well. Friday's show is probably going to be a whole lot of around the world with the Trump administration recap because we have Jared Kushner traveling to the Middle East this week. We have President Trump in Vietnam. Talking with Kim Jong Hoon we will be bringing you are thoughts on what transpired during those trips on Friday. We also have Mike Pence in. Lumbia talking about the violence in Venezuela. We're gonna spend a minute there because his conflict in Venezuela is really escalating as is the debate in the United States over whether we ought to be involved or not, well, I think at this point we are involved..

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