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He you know he he. He said some stuff on the Internet before even going there and praise Hitler and so forth and so on you know the these are things that we have to be very much aware of and which is why today You know I I'm helping a an organization as an advisor. In fact we're putting on a festival of ideas This year in June. And we've already got ALC- Cornell Weston temple bill an and several other people Who have already committed to doing this festival of ideas to de radicalize the Internet and and there's a there's a new internet platform has been around for over almost two years as already gotten two million members? Call Mines minds like your mind. I've had the guy who created bill. Yeah yeah fantastic guy fantastic. He and other CO founder This thing and they brought me on as an adviser and we're GONNA put on this festival Bringing in some formers on now now the head of the of the NSM ZIM is a very good friend of mine and what does the NSM a national socialist movement the not yet slowly convert those guys as well. He's out Maui. Yeah Yeah because of you know I. I was a contributor j but he saw the light and he's he's a good guy and he's helping to to get others out. You have an amazing ability to forgive people that other folks would write off for life. Other people would think that those people were horrific monsters that aren't worthy of salvation. Don't get me wrong. There are some of those people. There are some horrific monsters on all sides. Who who some of whom will go to their grave being hateful violent and racist or anti Semitic there is no changing them whatsoever? But but I can tell you this if somebody of that of that attitude or that belief you know. They're they're in your here on the spectrum at opposite ends if they're we're willing to sit down and have a conversation no matter how extreme they may be there is the opportunity to plant seed but the important thing is anybody can plant a seed but the follow up with what's important. You have to nurture that seed you must water it. I saw it grows and you you know when you have nothing in common but if you spend five minutes with your worst enemy you will find something in common you will find something Ryan Common. And then you began nurturing those commonalities. Yeah Okay and your and your your closing that gap. So now you're about right here so now you you have formed a relationship you've from here to a relationship and now you began nurturing that relationship you're closing it in and when you get about to hear you found a lot of commonalities and now you've made a friendship all right and when you get there the trivial things that you have in contrast asked such as the color of your skin or whether you go to a church a temple. A mosque or synagogue began to matter less and less. If you begin to see that you know I and I'll be honest the most important thing that you have in any endeavour is your credibility your credibility You only have one opportunity to make especially in in this kind of thing to make a good first impression you may you may have a second or third opportunity to to To impress somebody but you. I only have one opportunity to make a good first impression and most people would judge you by their first impression of you so when I would meet these people I'm as transparent transparent as I can be. I'm honest a lot of them. I let them know where I stand but I'm willing to listen to them. I want to hear why I'm saying enlighten me. Teach me why why I should believe the way you believe in see things. I'm here to learn from you. How did you start the conversation with this National Socialist Movement Guy Savoy the same way? And what was the conversation like with him. Well he believes he believed at the time in the ideology of Adolf Hitler. You know the master race. How was this guy when you met him I met him in two thousand sixteen. He he he just left Last year and he'd been the commander for Laura twenty-seven years that's an amazing gift like the ability to just slowly talk to these people and talk some sense sense into them and the fact that you're willing to spend the time to do that. That is we have to do that. We have to do that. I mean what do we have would. Otherwise we're GONNA self destruct now I will say you know Joe I have been between travel with my parents as a child in the foreign service and today as a professional musician playing all over this country and around the world when you can bind those travels together I have been in a total of fifty seven different from countries on six continents. So I've been from you know three years old all the way to you. I'll be sixty two in March I've been expose all my life. To a wide variety of religions cultures traditions ethnicities from all over. And no matter how far I've gone from the United I states no matter how many people have met I can conclude at the end of the day we all human beings we may practice different. Things have have different cultures different beliefs. We all human beings and one of my very favorite quotes of all time is by Mark Twain. And it's call the travel quote and Mark Twain said travel is fatal to prejudice bigotry and narrow mindedness and many of our people needed solely on these accounts. Broad wholesome charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth. All all wins lifetime and that is so true perhaps if I had not done that travelling and been exposed and things. Would I be doing this today. Maybe not God but I think the future of this are things like like what Bill Ackman is put together this minds dot com People should check it out. MAYES DOT com the oil to blow to change DOT MINES DOT com. They can follow me there at Darul. It was Where is a platform for free speech? Free Free speech and we can come and express your ideas not be You know kicked off from stuff you know there's GonNa be protocol where You have to be able to threaten people and cause them harm and things like that. But you allow people with some of these toxic ideologies to come on and sure mind and then the engaged and we engage them and talk. If you'll be about about politics have you could be about technology. Whatever have you had luck talking to people just directly online because my my perspective is that one of the things that makes this work is that you're very personable and that you're you're just you being around you? You're very nice guy to be around. That probably helped them get closer to you and to appreciate you. That's who I'm talking about because you know if if for example I don't meet somebody one time. And that's you know they're stripping themselves of their Robin Hood. Okay take repeat. Visits in person is is what I'm saying like talking to people online. It's very difficult to get through the people it is but people have watched Or seen things online about me and then have emailed me lattanzio emails people in the clamped Nazi movements. Or whatever you know I appreciate what you said You you you gave this person a fair shake. I wasn't really expecting that from a black person or something like that And it wasn't that I was kissing up somebody no I'm going to be fair and be transparent and because of my credibility that affords me a second visit with them and a third if they didn't like me their first impression on me was pass pass and I say next week. Now I'm done with you. The only person I've ever known or heard of that's been radically converted. Just online was Meghan Phelps Phelps Dino. She isn't sure. Sure I know I I never met Megan. I had conversations with Rachel. Who's crazy is Rachel? Chill the mom or one of the sisters Megan sister. Yeah Megan's very very nice person hard to believe that she was ever locked into the Westboro. Baptist this church and her husband. Her now. Husband actually converted her by talking to her on twitter. Maltese might be the greatest thing that's ever been accomplished on twitter. So do you. You do participate in other social media platforms like facebook or instagram. or any of that. Or do you just use mines. And I'M GONNA focus on minds I think mine's has the best platform Again like I said it's transparent anybody's welcome two million members. Now I think a growing and you know FACEBOOK will kick you offer. Certain things minds does not do that. I mean you know. They won't allow you to threaten. Somebody's somebody that does minds have the same sort of algorithm that directs things towards you that you're interested in that could facilitate people getting upset facebook. Does that yeah and it turns out that most of what people are interested in is. What upsets them? Yeah Yeah No. They don't operate like that I think it's worth anybody to check Out and people get frustrated. I'm getting off facebook because I hate all this arguing starts on and you know you can come here and talk to some. Listen listen people have a hard time getting together for Thanksgiving because of our current political climate where somebody voted for our current president and some other family member did not both that person right People should be able to families should be able to talk about and respect the fact that your brother or sister voted for for our president president. You didn't actually fine. Let's let's discuss it. What impressed you about him? What didn't impress you? Why did you vote for him and do with civil discourse we have lost the art of civil discourse and minds is gonNA restore that? But that's what we're working on the. That's I'm glad you said that that's one thing that I've learned how to do by doing this. PODCASTS learn how to talk to people better learn how to really listen to people and be when I first started this podcast. Ten years ago. I wasn't very good at it. You know it didn't really have any experience doing it. Mostly what I was doing was me talking. I was doing stand up comedy. I was talking to my friends. That's the civil. Social civil discourse like being able to sit down with people and calm each other down and talk and have compassion genuine compassion for each other and just listen to each other is one of the lost arts in human interaction. Because you know what it's because we see only what the person did we. Don't you know in terms of who they voted for or what they believe in what they did. You know Will they joined. We don't see what led them to that and because we don't talk to them right you know when you know. We're we're only interested in interested in the result. Let's go back to Roger Kelly Black people are criminals. Why wh why are they criminals? Well how do you say that well because Darrow. You know there are more blacks in prison than there are whites. He sees the result. Not saying what led up to that right. So that's that's where where we loons. Well it's also it's very difficult for for people to actually have conversations like most people are committing to text messages and emails and occasionally phone calls. That's that's how they interact with each other and then you go out to dinner a dinner at a restaurant. You'll see people sitting across me phones. I mean it's It's one of the worst times for interaction face to face I mean. Ah I've never seen a pie. Chart on the difference between the way human beings talked but there is no question that the amount of people per capita that communicate through through electronic versus.

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