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Jackson Heights, the police say it seems to have been a stray bullet from the street. Her brother in law said she apparently heard commotion outside and went to the window to see what it wass. Suddenly the glass cracked. When her 14 year old son heard that he went to his mother's bedroom and found her bleeding on the floor. Besides the 14 year old, she had two other Children and 11 year old and a six year old. Police chief Julie Merrill says the police are looking for two people of interest who were trying to steal a bicycle in front of the building. The theft that was occurring ended the bike was not taken. By these perpetrators. Ah, a shot rang out. Anyone with information about any bicycle theft should call Crime stoppers at 1 805 77 tips. Carol D'Auria 10 10 wins in Jackson Heights still very serious concern about the rise in covert clusters in parts of Brooklyn and Queens. And today, the city announced more masks and more testing sites. The mayor has cops the sheriff's office among an army of nearly 1000 people handing out masks in the neighborhoods where infection rates are going up. We saw a very high level of compliance. No summonses were necessary yesterday. We would love to see that Continue. He's going for compliance, not sanctions, Health and hospital's chief doctor, Mitchell Katz, will cordon off streets. He's calling them block parties for testing. We will be able to test up to 500 people in each tent or site and anyone who gets tested will get their results back in 24 to 48 hours, he says. There is no herd immunity in these neighborhoods despite what people believe or say. Juliet. Papa 10. 10 wins news Governor, Cuomo says the time to start ticketing people has begun, he says of local governments are unwilling to enforce the law. He will. It is not a function for the local government to say to someone. It would be nice if you wore a mask. Can I give you a mask? We're past that point. That's not compliance. That is public education. We're past puck education. We've been doing this since February. The governor had a conference call with community leaders in the hot spot areas, he said. Today they seem to get the message. Indoor dining is back, and the mayor says the city will be on the case, making sure everyone follows the rules. If we see the kinds of violations that create problems like employees, not wearing a mask or a violation of the 25 per cent limit, a restaurant has more than 25% capacity with his diners, or we see alcohol being consumed at a bar. Those are the kinds of things that will lead to immediate summonses. Other requirements include enhanced air filtration systems, temperature checks for customers mask to be worn at all times. Except when you're eating And customers will also need to leave info for possible contact tracing the first new peer in a decade in Hudson River Park Open today with an official ceremony in TriBeCa Pier 26 is part of a $37 million project that includes a 2.5 acre park. Hudson River Park Trust CEO Madeline Will says it's a great outdoor space to visit during the pandemic. People can enjoy all of this by coming to the park, wearing a mask and staying 6 ft. Apart from anyone that they don't know or haven't come to the park with since Cove it has started. We have given out probably close to 150,000 masts in the park, so we encourage everyone to wear them. The pier features areas for youto lounge around and a court.

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