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A legal challenge of governor Baker's temporary ban of their products this is the number of lung disease cases in Massachusetts link to vaping gross both Massachusetts businesses and their employees start paying today for the paid family and medical leave law a sailor man with a long history of mental illness is taken for evaluation every calls police report being followed and hacked and officers find a cache of unlicensed weapons over driver speaks out about the woman who suddenly jumped out of a car in the o'neill tunnel and into an oncoming vehicle. and Congress may be on break but congressional Democrats arts dogs made Adam ships intelligence committees sending out subpoenas they want to hear directly from those who heard the July twenty fifth conversation between president trump and Ukraine's president Vladimir Zelinsky that's at the center of the impeachment inquiry and as ABC senior congressional correspondent merry Bruce tells us the call included a cabinet member pressure is now building on president trump's inner circle ABC news has learned that secretary of state micron pale was listening in on that July phone call between the president and the Ukrainian leader that phone call that is now at the center of this impeachment inquiry now the house is given Pompeii until Friday to turn over documents as they try to determine what role the state department may have played here well the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani he's also been subpoenaed for documents related to his efforts to push Ukraine to investigate trump's political rival meanwhile in a better congressman wants to make it clear he is not the first Republican lawmaker to come out in favor of impeachment mark about a is been getting read the riot act by house leadership as well as the White House comments he made Friday when he said the complaints against president trump should be quote put through the process and see what happens on quote remote he says he does not support the impeachment in court. Republican congressman Chris Collins resigning from his seat today before an expected guilty plea to criminal charges ABC's Erin to Turkey has more warehouse criminal charges against Christopher Collins after federal prosecutors here in New York charges buffalo area congressman Chris Collins with insider trading last August he repeatedly denied these are meritless charges in fact a fundraising note Collins call the insider trading case fake news meant to stop him from fighting for president trump's agenda now Collins is set to plead guilty Colin served on the board of a biotech company and while the White House picnic in twenty seventeen federal prosecutors said he learned about an experimental drugs failure Collins call the son who started dumping shares Aron Kader ski ABC news New York Vermont senator Bernie Sanders wants to tighten the pay gap between employees and their top executives mark Mayfield has more the democratic presidential hopeful unveiled the income inequality tax plan on Monday it calls for increasing the corporate tax rate on companies if the highest paid employee makes fifty times more than the average worker dies the plan would apply to corporations with an annual revenue of more than one hundred million dollars the Sanders campaign says the plan would raise about one hundred and fifty billion dollars over a decade and that the revenue would go towards the center's proposal to eliminate Americans medical debt meanwhile the Sanders campaign itself is raising some big box it has reported twenty five point three million dollars in third quarter donations that's the biggest quarter this year for any democratic candidates seeking the White House a guilty plea from an engineer right ya who accused of hacking into thousands of users email accounts ABC's Alex stone has that ring as Ruiz hacked into about six thousand Yang accounts in search of private and personal record specifically looking for users sexual pictures and videos according to federal prosecutors Ruiz entering a guilty plea admitting in court to using access he got through his work at Yahoo to get into the accounts targeting younger women and once in their Yahoo accounts he's allegedly go after their Facebook G. mail and Dropbox accounts where we. these will learn his sentence next year Alex stone EBC there it's getting difficult to even cross your legs when you fly coach but is it a safety hazard over now to CBS Vicki Boley west passenger planes must be able to be evacuated within ninety seconds next month volunteers will gather at NFA a facility in Oklahoma City to help establish just how small airplane seats can safely gaffe before that time line is in danger The Washington Post reports one congressman is sold an FAA official that the volunteers squeezing into the sea to better reflect the real shape of real Americans so no recruiting he said from slim fast Vicki Barker CBS news to federal agencies warning several website operators to stop illegally selling opioids to American consumers the F. T. A. N. D. E. A. centroid letters to the for online networks that operate ten websites officials say they are illegally marketing unapproved and misbranded types of opioid medicines that could be dangerous the FDA notes those who buy prescription medicines from illegal online pharmacies could be putting their well being at risk considering the products could be counterfeit contaminated or expired. Brian shook reporting additionally several of.

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