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To learn more and this station she's extra sports 1300 murray back in our westwood one pyongyang's studios it's team usa and the czech republic in the quarterfinals for the us they're looking to advance to the semifinals for a third consecutive olympics and for the fourth time in the last five winter games the us advanced onto the quarters thanks to an impressive five two one win over slovakia and the qualification round harvard's ryan denardo scored a pair of goals in the victory in two games of pyong chang against the slovaks did not o as lift a lamp four times so what's led to that success i think you're shooting the parking having great line means to put me in the position to score goals i think they keep on putting position mean positions to score and i keep on and go on a couple of them are gonna of actually go in and i'm just blessed and think what happened the not owes four goals are tied for the most so far in the olympics not 104 college players on team usa's roster denver's troy terry had three assists in the second period against slovakia and be used jordan greenway he scored the second goal of the olympics for the united states head coach tony granada well he's been impressed by the young guys have been great since the first game so they're young guys they have done things in their career that gave us confidence in them that they would be overwhelmed with zishwili put him in and obviously when they have success ruin tournament gives them confidence and not only that it gives their teammates the confidence in them and they understand why they're here and i think that's the most important things you know these guys you know tyrian greenway an organ on on your team if you're a.

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