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Story right. Yeah it was. It was absolutely north korea. Doing these cyber attacks against sony. We're not saying it wasn't but we are saying that's a heck of a leap to make. And there were credible very credible people saying that. It absolutely wasn't north korea. So you know you. Just i just have to open. Open your third high. Maybe i don't know. I can't i don't know how you figure out what's true or not these days so we do know that with that being said with that wheelbarrow salt poured onto of All these stories. You hear from north korea about north korea. We do know that some of the crazier stories are true because as we said at the top. We have our friend. Kenji fujimoto who is able to confirm some and then we have some Some good firsthand reports here. So what's what's one crazy story all right. Well you are going to have to elaborate on this one for me. But i remember hearing a story about a rabbit breeding program. That didn't go very or they're there. It's a very large species of rabbit That i guess. North korea wanted to have a small population of them in order to breed them. Yes yes it's true uh-huh so in in a guest two thousand seven or so. Twelve giant rabbits were delivered to north korea. the breeder who sent them Found he thought they were going to be used to make a rabbit farm but he suspected that they were eaten by the top officials Berlin north korean embassy denied the allegations. But you can read some more about this in spiel on the online. The the german Journalism this is an article by david. Crossland and these rabbits guys are so big their biggest dogs they make about eight kilos of of me absolutely. Yeah that's huge but it may have been. I was thinking about this. It may have been despite the food shortage that they tried the rabbits. 'cause you should try before you like do this whole thing you wanna start a rabbit industry. Nobody wants nobody wants them but maybe date them and they didn't taste good. That's that's another. I could see that. I could see that but there are other crazy stories as well. Another story is that. There is a difference in size between north and south korean nationals. And it's thought to be due to to malnutrition than north koreans. Who were subjected to. Yeah you hear this. A lot from especially from americans so former presidential candidate john mccain talked about it in two thousand eight debate Christopher hitchens talked about it in an article in slate but some actual research instead of just rendering came from guy named professor daniel schwer From a university in seoul he said on average north. Korean men are about one and a half to three inches shorter than men in south korea. And the interesting thing is that due to the homogeneous nature of the population like genetically right We know that this doesn't come from a large variation or diversity in the gene pool. It comes from environmental factors like nutrition teacher tickets now. 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That mean this is one of the big worries in your life. If you a north korean and like we can look at one of these things like during the famine of the nineteen ninety s. That's the thing you mentioned earlier. The arduous march through somewhere in this is a huge huge variants in number here but somewhere between two hundred and forty thousand and three point. Five million north koreans died of vacation or some form of hunger related issue right yes so maybe not just starvation directly but something exacerbated by starvation This yeah this number is Huge number two huge variance. As we said but i In a country that does keep adequate records or does allow people in more easily. The you still have a variance. You still have a variance because it's difficult to say the exact cause of death rain but then in countries But in the case of north korea this is even more difficult because there are very few official numbers kept in. That's been the case for fifty years. Yeah this leads us. Through something darker though yep cannibalism so there is confirmation of. Let's say isolated cases of y. You know there are also a lot of rumors about cannibalism rights of some of these isolated cases would p. stuff like a grandfather digging up his graves after they passed away and eating them because he had to the idea But there are also these rumors of large scale. Cannibalism that took place during certain times in north korea. Really we we don't know we can't prove it right because these statements come down often through defectors.

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