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There's all these new faces coming into the us soccer. And they're very quickly bonding and it's a really cool thing is an american fan. I know the olympics and the failure. To qualify was a real bummer. And it's still really sad because it could have been staged for these guys but at full senior national team level. This is immensely encouraging time to be a national team fan. One of the things really look out for during international break outside a form though is you're just sitting in a corner with your fingers crossed hoping hoping against all hope that your players will remain healthy time of recording a couple of scares one goal. Kante recently celebrated the thirtieth birthday. Happy birthday to you in golo. May you have a smile on your face you brought across. I just hope for the next year. You're just you writing that bicycle. I'd just bad vibe. Callum hudson annoy dealing with a bit of a shoulder injury. Bit of a knock in training and georgina has been lumped into this where the aggregate sites but. I'm not sure how much mangini was just saying. He was hurt to explain his absence from the international team. But we have the georgina thing floating around well. Obviously if it's contact engergy knew that kind of leaves some questions about where the center field comes back in your straight back into primarily champions league and you're right into the thick of your fixtures as we get into the business end of the season so you're gonna need all those guys to be fit so dzhergeniya. That's a bizarre one right because we didn't know about it towards the end. Obviously with you know in these last two games for chelsea then all of a sudden pops in injury but hopefully he'll be fit and ready to go going forward. I don't know if it was an older video. But i was kind of encouraged by georgina instagram stories showing a smiling. And if i could. I'm going to be reckless here club. Don't hold that against meet steamed izzo. Both players were receiving treatment at the same time and everybody was all smiles. So i'm encouraged and hopeful that this is in serious. You're right chris a week from now. We're playing in the champions against porto. Everything is going to be coming fast and furious for chelsea f c. That leads us here to an important player for this final push for chelsea get into the top four solidify your place in the champions league next year. But guess what you're in itsel- might as well win. The damn thing team verner is going to be an important player for you. We're gonna talk about his new form. He'd been a bit resurgent. Thomas teuku creating chances and fighting through struggles and something. That's very human. And it's something. The team verner will articulate himself. It'll help you get to know the player in a help. You fall in love with the player because this kid charming is all get out kris. We had so much talking to him. There's an analogy in this interview that you will absolutely love like i think if we weren't on the interview we're on zoom and we had like heap appearances. We would have busted out laughing with this incredible analogy. That's on the way that'll be my. Yeah i had him you my mic several times. Because i was just going on guys guys door but what can i say. I love team. Oh verner and we talk about the fact that chelsea fans have been able to project that love onto him one of the things you have to take into account when you look at a season on the whole there hasn't been a full seem for breach out there so we'll talk to him about that and more not to give away the interview but it's one of the favorites. We've done here on chelsea mike up. Please enjoy this upcoming interview with team. Oh verner introducing the most advanced training enough vailable and used by the.

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