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That Dana is a fantastic Terrel reader, and okay, she she tends to pull terro on most. Every investigation we ever go on because regardless of what you think about it kind of makes you take stock of the situation at hand and think think a little bit differently. Does the tarot for you? Dana have you change events or the way that you were going to do something. I think absolutely. It has a for me was always in this really great tool for paranormal investigation because it gives you insight into something that maybe you don't necessarily have quite on the surface at that point. Time. So this really a great tool for me, and especially throughout the investigation, and I use it quite a bit in Hallier when we get two points where we're sort of just looking at each other going what direction? Do we go in next, and it can tend to be this really great conduit for kind of pointing us in the right direction. I'm constantly using tarot. Our investigation, lots of compliments on the videography of the documentary who shot the thing this actually, the the reason the whole project happened was because of our friend Karl Pfeiffer, a incredibly talented videographer and editor he's the guy who he heard me talking about the case. And as I was talking about the case, he was he was listening, and he watched our our website automatically random tweets something about the case that crazy synchronicity. And so he he really pushed and prodded for it. And he made it look just beautiful used. Wide angle lenses on it cinema cinema cinematographer that.

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