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I know I know I know, but I'm saying from the standpoint that the that those are the next guy's number two options, right? I don't know because I think appellate this fits perfectly would James Hardie. Okay. Okay. Out of his Capella after Capello who was better who wanna rockets is better than Malcolm broad, nobody. Nobody who wanna rock better, nobody robot. Okay. So they have better support game right now. But I don't know if that should that be determining factor navy p to me it is because we talking about the most valuable player because I'm gonna go to him as worse than other one facts. I understand that. But let's go back to like previous MVP's like last year who's the less hard. He had the same exact same right before that Russell Westbrook. That's that's the definition of caring team. Because that's he was not very good years before we had we had Steph curry who steelhead Klay. Thompson was not a fantasy remind being my vote. He didn't get my not at that year. He he was supposed to get it because they were on the seventy three games. They was they was crazy dominate Janas offering to winnow damn seven three. But the Pri the year the first one that he wants James harden or. Two-time if you know somebody even three I know that I wasn't going for curry. But to me about it, you gotta take so much for me. Personally. I don't know how everybody else do when they when they vote, but I love this the story line that goes along with I think that's why James harden has hand fourteen see and now they're back up to one fourth. Any not only doing score on by. He's giving out ten to fifteen says a game. He's getting the rebounds that he had a lot of good rebounds late night game as some crazy precise passes. The warriors were pulling away. Mouse has also through that lob clink appello. He had his back. Yeah. That was a big one. So yeah, we gotta we gotta tip couldn't cappella to. He really held it down form. Like you sell. Some rivers was real big. When I shall the question. When Chris Paul went down, I cannot remember everybody's initial reaction. Or was there a sense of like Danis differ 'cause they were struggling already with them. James harden had missed like three or four games. If I remember when Chris Paul went out with the reaction. I oh, man. It was another blow today team. They were going to lose Chris Paul again. And it was I believe it was a hamstring injury. Something against another hashing, right? He can miss a couple of weeks. I thought it was a fourteen see more hanging around that area. James harden already in and out. And then you lose Chris Paul develop situation. I think more my reaction after that after the injuries like they're going to be paying him forty million dollars. If it's they gave him max contract. He's already declining the day after he gets that max that they were. I think even when we talked about them during their their days where they were struggling we always said they're going to make this is not gonna miss the playoffs. And I think even gone now he's struggling as he's planning out. He needs to be there for the playoffs. That's the biggest thing. He just needs to release some of that pressure. James? I'm honestly with Kenny my whole reaction to this whole thing. I love MVP talk and all that is fun. And I like the fact that it's real close because. I'm with hard and right now as of Jane where he fits buffet byu fist. I might be right back with John because we can't ignore the doing. But as entertaining as this is fun as is. And I think I'm all I'm also remember this LeBron is gonna patiently let himself do what he had to do. And these Lakers one in four when he come back all it is hype..

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