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Greed blindness racial prejudice and the senselessness of our you're to the indomitable ity of the human spirit in the unveiling salvation of true comradeship. And the ageless. ageless wisdom as a great mother in the water baby. I could talk later about the great mother and archetype in the water water baby which is London's last story which is very revealing. But in more general terms I like to say that one of the overriding adding themes is love. Love of adventure. Love of Life Loves Humanity Lover Nature Her love of Man for Woman Comradeship Camaraderie love of seeking. And what have Jim. It's it's it's a kind of passion that he has and my biography of talk about the seeking drive for example that London had an extreme measure that a neuro scientists have discovered generation and go. Is that a basic drive along with fair and hunger sex in the rest of that leads mammals to seek new adventures even even the expensive food and and fair. Some sometimes anyhow fascinating to say this at work can't I can't think of other things course. The hatred of anything that was restricting the deprive human beings of of their essential humanity and liberty or whatever you though seem to be themes that run throughout his work. One thing that he I think it was a common theme. Throughout all of his work is his idea of man versus nature and nature being sort of approving ground for men. I think you've written about this as nature. There's like four types of environments that London wrote about where you see this motif of man versus nature. Can You you talk about that. At Bat Symbolic Wilderness Symbolic Wilderness. Yeah I'm going back now about fifty more years and Texas scholar in birthday of Texas scholar named Gordon. Mayo's published a very fine article in nineteenth century fiction action on the symbolic wilderness contrast James Damore Cooper's version of that wilderness with Jack Act London's saying that ten more Cooper's wilderness with pretty consistent and What have you but Jack London's burs? No the symbolic wilderness. I confusing and didn't seem to have any sense sense of the organization. Or what have you so I doubt about it. I said well. I don't think Gordon Mills Has Jack London's were carefully enough there four different versions the northland then there's pollination which I call London's tendons paradise lost and there's Melanesia which I called inferno and then there's the Valley of the moon which is Jacqueline pastoral the Wilderness. Or what have you and each has its own distinctive characteristics. They qualities that a man. Dan needs to survive in. The northland are totally different from what he needs to survive in Melanesia and the North Land. I think these spelled out pretty clearly in the opening of our country I think one of your own favorite stories my favorite story. I'd like to read this too. Because it's my favorite favorite thing that Jacklyn ever wrote. Brett disavows it out. I'm reading the beginning a far country which I call an exempt bloom in other words if preachers delivering a sermon. He wants to to tell a story. A pretty in. What dramatic story illustrated sermon? And as sometimes uh-huh called Exempt loom and. That's what that's what we got in a far country and here's the sirmium when a man journeys and to a far country he must be prepared. Forget many of the things he has learned and to acquire such customs as our inherent with the existence of the new land. He must abandon the old ideals. The old Gods and oftentimes I am seamless Reverse the very codes by which is conduct has hitherto been shaved to those who have the broke ten faculty of adaptability. The novelty of such change may be a source of pleasure but those rose who happened to be in the rats in which they were created the pressure of the altered environment is unbearable they chafe breath and body and spirit under the new restrictions which they do not understand this. Shaving is bound to act and react. HEP reducing diverse evil to various misfortunes. It were better for the man get fit himself. The new grew to return to his own country. If he delayed too long he will surely die. The man who turns his back among the comforts of Civilization to face the savage with the primordial simplicity of the North May estimate success at an inverse ratio the quantity and quality of is hopelessly fixed habits. He will soon discover if he be a fifth candidate that the material habits are the less important the exchange of such things as a dainty menu bereft fair. The stiff leather shoe for the South Shapeless Moxham of the featherbed for couch in the snow is after all very easy matter but his bench will come and learning properly to shape. His mind's attitude dylan toured all things and especially tour his fellow man for the courtesies curtis this is of ordinary live. He must substitute unselfishness for barons and tolerance. Thus that's and that's only can gain the that pearl of great rise true comradeship and this this key I think to the northern goad and the two in cable for our country There they totally and I'm faded to come up. There in. The first blazed may pay the price we I think what I love about the the intro. Oh too inefficient countries that it perfectly encapsulates and summarizes Jack. London's you call the Northland Code so you know from what we just read their what. You're is read. Their part of the Northland Code is adaptability. Exactly it's also true comradeship. Exact seems to be the two important Horton things for London when it came to the northland code both ORB. There's another factor. He doesn't mention here. He mentioned later. In addition to Adaptability Camaraderie. What have you? Oh there's another factor that comes comes up very clearly in that great classic to build a fire and I were talking about. The man does not have a name in this version. Incidentally seen the original manuscript area and at first when he started this story Jacqueline and gave the man a name. Thank as I recollect something like John Collins but after about a thousand words meaning after I think the first day he comes back and says this store would be more effective effective if I made this every man instead of a specific man now by the way you know. There's an early version of the story that we found king in Rick's now found the summers working with him out at Utah State that was about as they six years earlier unused companion totally different remiss by the same title but the young man. And there's given name in East survives this guy's not gonNa make it and here's why why by the way. London opens this story talking about how weird the situation is up there very very cold. Seventy eighty something degrees below zero gun in this guy but all nest. The mysterious far-reaching airline CEO in the absence of Sundram Aski- that tremendous coal along the strangeness and Weirdness of It all made no impression on the man was not because he was long used to it. He was newcomer in the land. Get your tranquil. This was his first winner. The trouble with him was that he was without imagination MHM. He was quick and alert in the things of live but only in the things and not in the significance fifty degrees below zero mid eighty degrees of frost. Such fact impressed. Kim is being cold and uncomfortable. And that was all it did not lead him to meditate upon his frailty not has a creature of temperature and upon man's frailty in general haber only and to live within narrow limits of hate and Co and from their own did not lead him to conjecture into the conjectural field of immortality and man's place in the universe at this is a master stroke of the artist in other words. Here's a story that is so deathly and beautifully willing together. The reader doesn't realize allies Suddenly there's a profound philosophical message in this story is more than just a man's getting golden dying from brazen death but there's another message underlying this who has just slipped in there but he's done it so both so definitely Weekly you read right on through in. Don't don't stumble over in. It's a wonderful example of what Glenn was GonNa. It was doing later on. I'll talk about. How does that Nicole Awhile? But any idea I wanted to bring in as a factor and he mentioned that other places to to the importance of imagination. If you'RE GONNA make it up there and later on ways talking about survival in the in the in Melanesia Nagia et Cetera. One of the things. They're to survive whoever. We're GONNA mega donate any imagination. Just got Biz mean is the savage is around there and resort stuff as bad as they do it totally different from the northland so one of the complaints we get about the show when people write us is this is bred. Thinks your show. I've got all these books that have added to my to read list. I don't know if I'm ever going to have the.

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