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And by sun basket sun basket has been rated the number one meal kit by leading publications why they deliver easy recipes and clean ingredients to your door with options for paleo glutenfree lean and clean vegan mediterranean family options and more go to sun basket dot com slash morning to learn more and get thirty five dollars off your first order sun basket dot com slash morning in a few minutes the big business of branding cannabis i'm david brancaccio in new york i in emerging new chapter in the mess at wellsfargo their reports this morning that wells fargo is close to a billion dollar settlement with federal regulators it's about what the bank charged customers for car insurance mortgages here's marketplace's marielle sagarra van charged more than half a million customers for car insurance they didn't need leading tens of thousands of them to default on their loans it also charged a bunch of people for missing a mortgage deadline when the delay was actually the bank's vault so now it looks like wells fargo is ready to settle with federal regulators and when it comes to banks the trump administration has actually been pretty friendly there's a lot of talk rolling back regulations but trump also promised he wouldn't let wells fargo off the hook maybe surprisingly the consumer financial protection bureau is also involved in this it's director mick mulvaney said said this month that the agency would keep going after bad actors but we'll vini does take a light approach to enforcement in the five months he's been in charge the agency hasn't filed any new lawsuits mariel thank you checking numbers footsie in london up half a percent dow future down a tenth percent big story this week higher interest rates the benchmark ten year rate is two point nine two percent today is april twentieth for twenty a date associated with smoking cannabis not getting into the competing theories for why this association go online you'll see performing math on a dylan song title yields four twenty is just one of the high delays but after california legalization in january we'd remains fully criminalized in just seventeen of the fifty states so when the big national brands swoop in drake sudden shears the ceo of prohibited media he runs a cannabis themed content channel on line and is served as an advisor to wall street and beyond it's a war brands is coming.

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