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Is the the mugshots dot com guys got what is this i don't know but i'm up for extortion they put your your mo i mean this is just going to speak loosely because i don't know all the this leak as sack nira yeah so it's from what i understand so please do your own research there's this website that put people's mugshots up on the internet then named they make searchable and then you pay them if you want to get it taken down so they just got rung up on extortion charges and this thing's been going on forever wow yeah so mugshot dot com owners arrested on extortion target allow this is incredible jeffy men men that's some good they made profit shared his they made mugshot so they made profits for mugshots but isn't it ironic that the owners of mugshots dot com and up on their own site on wednesday blah blah blah blah blah three of the four alleged owners mugshots were arrested and charged with extortion money laundering day they have to cording to the washington post the infamous website harvests people's mugshots and charge them exorbitant fees to have the photos remove this is incredible you just reminds me the revenge porn thing that a lot of these people are going to jail now and the person who did the hack of all the celebrities the frapp fabricating go yeah the fat the fat fat bening frappuccino fattening fattening they that guy is going to jail i mean it's actually kind of good that there are legal system is getting around these i mean the the extortion they're doing is crazy because i have daughters and i was like oh my god like this needs to be handled quick like they get a girl to give them like a topless shot then they say we're going to give this shot of utah to your parents and your friends and your work.

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