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One point three million women had their breast pretty much removed because of the false understanding. So we're only starting to really understand what cancer is alternately. But I believe in. This is one of the premise of regenerate is that it's actually your body trying. His best to regenerate and survive extremely adverse conditions toxic exposure again non-native enough biologically incompatible foods that's the basis for the cancer epidemic. So if we change. Obviously the tumor micro environment nutrigenomics early. We look at that. Information CONTEXT WEAKEN. We can actually make huge strides in reversing. I believe many of these cancers okay so that being said from a practical standpoint. Tell me a few things that you would do personally and again like I'm asking you personally. You don't have to worry about this being misconstrued his medical advice. I'm just curious like. Are there any foods that you eat foods that you would avoid supplements you take etc? Yes so for me what I do. Is I focus on food. You know as my medicine so to speak or that. Which MAKES MEDICINE UNNECESSARY? So you know. It's it's amazing when you do this. Sort of like apple meditation monitor and you really start to understand that it's infusing every cell of our body with waves of information as well as providing these remarkable vital compounds. You start to understand that everything we eat or don't eat is really crucial. In determining whether we're going to end up with a chronic disease like cancer so to me it's really more about the fundamentals again. It's grounding its duration. It's good sunlight exposure. And it's the foods that we're eating and looking at the quality so that means also the microbiome if the soil quality from the food we're consuming. This poor doesn't have these ancient. Commencement strains that were not going to actually be able to reset our system. So that whole Paleo deficit disorder concept so we actually have to also look at regenerating the biosphere remediating generating for us to be able to truly Regain our health. And so that's there's almost like an ethical imperative for us to do more of that as well now consider ourselves Medically sealed off. Were in high island at whole foods and to start taking care of ourselves we actually have a a mandates it take care of the world a better way so that we can also heal ourselves. What what's your diet like on a daily basis. Well interestingly start off my day without eating I usually do some physical practice and then around the time that most people eat lunch. I'll do something like Sort of like a salad with some high quality usually animal derived protein And and just sort of like nibble my way through the day you know like I don't really set aside meals in the way that most people do My relationship to food is more dynamic and really at this point I actually just came off a five day quote. Raw food cleanse. But you know I just I was just enjoying eating sprouts tappers and you know Avocados and just whatever I could that was just full of life and I've a so satisfied. I was pretty amazed by how not hungry out was so so you're utilizing something like compressed. Feeding windows or intermittent fasting. Yeah I would probably would call that exactly. You know one of the basic premises that I go by. Is that you know when it gets dark. I should stop eating and then I break the fast when I'm hungry the next day but it's not going to some specific time window. Okay got it. And then what? What would your staple meals like staple meals while why I do try to get a smoothie throughout my daily window Just because to me. It's it's a great way to get a lot of these quotes superfoods in you know as well as you know. I'm big fan of things like berries and coconut milk and flax seed and just try to nourish my body that way but otherwise. I'm I'm pretty flexible. Like I said I do. Eat what one would probably call a palio type Diet But I also added probably far more fruits and vegetables than than others would never style or you largely plant based It's I would say some diverse. Okay Okay are you working any organ meats or anything like that actually? I haven't been doing organ means but you know Kelly my wife. She's such a. She's so good at this. There's a product which has all the Oregon needs all in it. It's like a capsule form not a huge fan of doing capsules. But I haven't been getting enough organ meats so that's what I'm doing to compensate. Yeah I I use a lot of capsules when I travel and then just go ape nuts on kidney kidney and heart and liver and all these big orders that I make from from. Us wellness meets. When I'm when I'm at home So you know where I know. We're coming up against time but I. I don't think we really even scratched the surface. Perhaps I spent too much time about apples of everything that is in your book. I mean it's it's absolutely fantastic and in the end you kind of have your reset based Diet and you discuss a lot in here that that I purposefully did not get into today's show specifically this idea of a black holes and energy production and the free energy that surrounds us in the universe right. Who's just too much to get into on the PODCAST. So why do a follow up on on what you call? The new biophysics of Energy Synthesis or folks can grab the book and read that Chapter in the book. I think it's chapter same chapter in his jock about sunlight. But we get into your you get into other ways to generate free electricity chapter three so if you guys get the book you must reach after three alone. I thought that was absolutely fascinating. Probably my favorite chapter the book but I will link to the book and also linked to green met him fo and everything else that Sayer and I discuss if you go to. Ben Greenfield fitness dot com slash Sayer. Ben GROUP OPENNESS DOT COM slash S. A. Y. E. R. Like I mentioned anybody who's got some more information on Gingko Biloba leave it there I realized that of you May Jump in with some comments you have about plants and plant defense mechanisms and in your take on that. And that's that's fine I would. I would love to hear your guys thoughts after listening to say our and also after exploring his website green met Info. So say any last things you want to share with the audience. While you've got a platform here anything you'd like to tell people anything new. You're working on anything like that. Well I think you for mentioning that chapters chapter three because for me. It's sort of was most exciting about the book. It was almost like Trojan Horse Dan. Because there's this little shrimp known as the Pistol Shrimp which I discuss. And it's shrimp. That's able to produce a water. Cavitational event that that traits temperatures like you find on the surface of the sun and and this is to me one of the more exciting aspects of the new biology and the new physics. That only a few people have been discussing Jack cruises one of them And he's the only other guy could find. That would really touch this topic but it's exciting. I really feel like we're all on the precipice of this exciting new era of of realizing body so much more resilient and so much more exciting and interesting than any of us have ever been told so you know. I just hope that some of you get excited about the material as I I still and it's just it's a developing process. I'm so grateful for you to have me on Ben and your work on so really really just Just impressed by everything you're doing so for me. It's just great to have this conversation and Yeah excited yeah well thank you for your work and it's always my pleasure to be able to hopefully expose people to either websites information or books or people that they might have previously been unaware of. And you're certainly one of those people who I I would love for my listeners to follow and would love you.

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