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That that i had to work at it you bring up existed because of my relationship to music that was well you bring up one of the beautiful things as well. And that's around teaching by teaching. We absorb we learned those lessons so much more than than even the student that that's the beauty in that you mentioned reading some some ancient wisdom so you could see for thousands of years. Any of those books That that you still remember that had a deep impact on you. Yeah well was ancient wisdom. It wasn't an ancient book. The sufi message has Con i mean. He's i don't think he's alive anymore. But he's the twenty century man but sufism is very old reading Parts of the of the Bogdanich gita which talked. I didn't read it all but which talked about constantly. Don't get caught up in what you're doing. This is all a play. This is a play on the physical level. And there's a whole thing going on another level and You know anything then. I when i was kind of any sober in the eighties. I started reading a louise hay and You know creative. Visualization and things. Were you could call new age. But of course they were based on ancient principles zen in the art of archery. Which i read back in the seventies. I really was captivated by that. And so that's quoted a lot in my book how to really mass something. You have to get the mind that out of the way in order to stay with process otherwise the mind talks Process before you've arrived at what you were trying to achieve you know and all that kind of came together and then i started teaching at berkeley and they were they. Now call the effortless mastery institute and suddenly what. I was teaching here and there at a day in a school here. Three days there were courses and that was about six seven seven years ago like that and that meant every week. I had the parcel that the answer in the book is the four steps. They are reprogramming steps. Not just changing your habits but really reprogramming old erotic Neurotic actually yes. Neurological patterns and just starting to create new ones. That support. What you're trying to do even if you're not trying to be the wisest person in the world but you're old patterns or what keeping mastering whatever you're trying to learn to do so in a way it's still was about music.

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