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I'm David Chalian the CNN political director this is the daily DC impeachment watch every weekday we'll keep you up to date on the most important elements of this historic impeachment inquiry in President Donald Trump a little later on will be so I wanted to do a little politics with you I before we get into some of the more substantive points of what's going on with the entire Ukraine situation the Republicans are not in lockstep right now in their response they're a little all over the map we were talking about that on Friday but what I found intriguing today is that we saw two more Republicans come out Senator Susan Collins of Maine Senator Rob Portman of Ohio joining their other colleagues Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney who have been out there saying what the president did here is wrong now none of them are saying bring me articles of impeachment I'm ready to vote to convict the president obviously they're not they're not saying that but they aren't doing something different than any other one of their other forty-nine colleagues in the conference in the Senate which is they are saying on the record and I think for history's sake that what they have observe the president to do here his call on Ukraine and China to interfere in the US election to help dig up dirt on his potential political opponent he's wrong now the fact that that's breaking news at the is also mind boggling that should be just like the price of admission to be an elected official in America well it should be but but that's not the world we're living in right now you have Republicans this is the Republican Party that is owned and controlled by president trump right now and so you have anyone who's facing action coming down the pike like Susan Collins of Maine who doesn't want to anger their base and that's why you're seeing this little dance being played out yes what he did was wrong they say AH NOT GONNA even try to bother to argue that was okay just like the president's doing no it was wrong however even if it was wrong it doesn't mean that we should go as far as Democrats going so they can sort of have it both ways I want to I want listeners to hear a little bit of of the damp that Athena's talking about because yes collins came out and she said that it was totally inappropriate with the president said about inviting China in interfering in the election in the South Lawn but she also went after the Democratic Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff straight out of Republican talking points here Susan Collins Concern Bags I've been chairman of the House Intelligence Committee misrepresented in this sled was soon the trade script the call between the president and the president of the United States and the president of Ukraine so I hope this will be done with seriousness that any impeachment preceding deserves so I'm not defending what Adam Schiff did I gotta tell you when I was watching the hearing having read the transcript of the colony started his performance and interpretation of of what was exchanged on that call between trump and Dolinsky my head sort of snapped I was like what is he doing what does he re so I'm not I'm not suggesting but I just think it gets so perfectly to the dance you're describing even as the senators tried data present little cracks there's only so far they want to go against the president absolutely and you know of course this is one of the things that president trump has been harping on there a lot of excuses and explanations he's given but one of the things he's been very angry about is this idea that that that Adam Schiff the congressman schiff made up the phone call. Now it's kind of a distraction obviously because we've seen the transcript we've heard the president used his own words to say to admit to what he already asked but still this shows that Democrats have to be careful airport in there and proceeding through this they really can't afford to put a foot wrong and one might argue that that wasn't such a great idea for Adam Schefter to start off that way it also shows do you not because it is a bit of a distraction we all do have the transcript that Republicans are grasping at villa to push back a little bit of in fact one of the new lines from Republicans this weekend was that when the president said on the South Lawn that he would like China to investigate the Biden's that is just a joke now I didn't see any bit of joking when the president said that on the South Lawn but that did not stop Marco Rubio or Roy Blunt or others from saying they didn't really take that as a serious request Senator Rubio said he's just trying to poke you guys in the press that's not a real request Jim Jordan Congressman Jordan also the defender of the president said something similar on one of the Sunday shows over the weekend and it would be funny if it weren't so serious the idea that the excuse is the experts nation is the president was just joking we made a lot of that of that sort of lime you heard during the campaign and up until now which is that the president's supporters taken seriously the press awesome literally but now the GOP members of the of the Republican Party are asking that we ignore him or or not taking not listened to what he's saying it kind of does accented space so then I wanna get your sense Athena of where are Republicans right now we are starting to see some of these cracks but are they a meaningful cracks is this is this a different moment in time for trump's Republican party than we've seen before or no I don't think so quite yet I mean we're talking about a very small number of people who even come out and said look I'm GonNa go ahead and say what we all would many people agree this was wrong of him to do that this was this was inappropriate he crossed the line here but it's still only a very small number of people and none of them are saying and you know let's go impeach him I'm waiting for the articles of impeachment to vote on right now let's get to there's they may be as you mentioned earlier kind of thinking about history in whether they're going to come down on the right side of history and so they want to say look we all know this is not okay gave in Nevada last week pushing back he also conveyed to donors at a gathering over the weekend the campaign had that he's not going anywhere and that his family is not going to be destroyed by Donald Trump on this at all but we did see the end of last week when asked point blank if indeed there was a conflict of interest to have his son working for a foreign energy company when he was serving as vice president and he would not answer that question he just said that he on the actual substance because some of his democratic opponents over work over the weekend club ashore over the weekend said in their administrations the child of a vice president or their own children and not be allowed to serve in such capacities I think he's going to have to engage on this I mean this is clearly a question he doesn't really want to answer this this is an issue he struggles with because he's talking about his family privacy is talking about is his son who's had troubles over the years and it's clearly very obvious you saw in his reaction to the reporters confronting him that he wasn't really ready the answer he needs to be ready to answer that question because a lot of folks are going to are going to wonder why was it a good idea to have your son joined the board of this company while you're in the administer to the National Security Adviser Sam Vinograd she'll be with us but first a quick break.

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