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Minnesota, Union Square Marla, Terence Monahan discussed on Wayne Cabot and Paul Murnane


Set on fire in Minneapolis during the third night of protests over the death of George Floyd for exchange we are there Jacob fry ordered police to abandon the building as thousands descended on the station house some throwing rocks and lighting fireworks the symbolism of the building I can not we the importance of life of our officers or the public we could not risk serious injury to anyone the governor's called up five hundred National Guard troops to tamp down the violence this morning why am I under arrest a CNN crew taken into custody during a report on the protests they've just been released governor Tim Walz has apologized Twitter has flagged opposed from president trump he wrote when the looting starts the shooting starts called the demonstrators thugs CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez dozens of people were arrested in a protest at Union Square in Manhattan yesterday and another protest is set for later today at Foley square downtown here's W. CBS reporter Marla diamond demonstrators on the square to city hall on officers through orange traffic cones at them full bottles and metal garbage cans two officers suffered concussions chief of police Terence Monahan told pics eleven news an inspector was also hurt in the face lose all right we also had to take the gun away police made several arrests when protesters blocked traffic in lower Manhattan Monaghan says they're prepared for today's protest in Foley square and he added the NYPD has spent years focused on community policing to prevent violent acts this is an incident that happened to me Minneapolis Minnesota accomplish basically because eight hundred thousand law enforcement officers across this country right his actions in Union Square Marla diamond WCBS newsradio eight eight eight it's nine thirty three a CNN crew covering the protests in Minneapolis was arrested this morning on live television here's how it sounded scattering the protesters that point for people to clear the area and so we walked away I'm sorry your honor okay hello I am under a certain why it why am I under arrest.

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