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Was a gigantic thunderstorms lightning tornado warnings you name a horrific storm any deaths or injuries well i mean not to the tourist yet although last year three storm chasers died when they actually the vehicles collided in texas chasing a tornado in two thousand thirteen a three more died when they actually to close tornado and got swept up like you know dorothy house in the wizard of oz so it is a definitely a risky ocupation holy cow what is something like that cost well i mean he thought cheap i mean it's up to three thousand eight hundred dollars would you believe that you could go for one day three hundred bucks but it's you know the average is like you know twenty five hundred people love this gordon i talked a lady who came all the way from australia this is our fourth one and yes she hasn't seen twister yet they don't guarantee that you'll see a twister but they talk about well the longer you stay with us the better your odds are and so on the trump she was she got close to twist didn't actually say one was she the one who i think was happy that she saw some hail she's awesome lightning issues that we were driving through this hellacious lightning storm hail like you know a golf ball sized those are japanese film crew along they were actually fascinated with hail they've never seen hail before and one of the producers actually looking up at the heavens and got hit in the eye with a piece of l hill so we're worried about her but she's okay speaking with wall street journal reported carlton he's written a piece entitled storm chasing tours become big and risky business i can imagine this is gonna take a really one bad incident right where there's some sort of regulation or rules crackdown or or is that in the works now or what right now the.

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