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People mallett enter a lot and i have i feel like you know i don't think i have a thank you i mean i'm glad that i have i hope i have leveled look ahead of affiliates pretty easy today so it's really easy to do but i don't think i've i don't know i kind of likes i i really stick away now from too many hot but issue i mean what all pose news stuff a via like but you know what it's mostly like it's mostly pretty much like liberal ship you know i like there's some things that i do not fucking touch arenas it is i will say this and comedy it's kind of the opposite of everywhere else where there isn't a all man of like you kind of have to have this group think anze annoying but so i'm a little bit more care pull because i i also michael over to really the controversial like and the opinion why wouldn't i just do it on stage why my wasting up for some curry media more people can just get angry at me and obviously remaining sent also or what occurs on an absolute okay absolutely i mean it's at the other in full force especially if you're you know you're like a lot like straight white guy yeah i mean there is that i won't do this i definitely won't like apologize for being awaits rate and that's no annoyed where i draw the line a little bit like we're i'm like i'm not like all everyone else is failures aren't my like where when i've been racist or sexist before i don't blame all white men on that that's just my you know you i did that one so the that's that's kind one thing i was i was never that today i was like i can does get away with that's almost saying like that's like almost blaming your ignorant sunlight it's like comparing by external paul's here some you know what i mean you know where you're like i got i was born awards for him this is the to be a breakout line in the to listens that as obvious as a lotta white straight season other and exceptions i'm trying to think of them we've sec.

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