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Scottish welsh irish french and german ancestry. His father robert fitzgerald williams was a senior executive and ford motor company's lincoln mercury division. Bob was from the midwest himself. He was hard. Work and meticulous. Plainspoken practical man was not automatic. Improvisational genius woody historical in pop culture references sprinkled in with a lot of dick jokes whose war hero believe in the value of a hard day's work he was not an overly emotional. Man was not known to dole out compliments to his young young son easily. Hardly ever actually Robin's mother lori maclaurin Former fashion model from jackson mississippi great granddaughter performance mississippi governor and in many ways the opposite of her husband she was a light-hearted southerner described as a free spirit and fanciful She was like her son would later chrome across as a unpredictable. She gave her son robin a lot of tension but like her husband. Her affirmations are hard to come by accepting came to laughter. She loved laugh and robin loved to make her laugh to hear her laugh. Robin saw himself is a perfect mixture between his two. Very different parents. Would say the craziness comes from my mother. The discipline comes from my dad. My dad has allowed disciplined to you. Have to you have to have a lot of discipline. If you wanna get away with you know what my dad's probably been getting away with for years. Where is he. Where is he right. Now god reference don't even worry about it just Just to protect yourself especially if you see my dad coming any will. Robin's mother was a practitioner of christian. Science williams was raised in the episcopal church. His father belonged to a piscopo aliens. American anglicans american anglicans all the great taste of catholicism minus the pope And or allowed to get their dick sucked the church condoned. It married bo jobs. That is you know From adults opinions branched out of the church. England and america directly following the conclusion of the american revolution. There england's just won't bend the need the british crown that explain that a bit since we just talked about english royalty last week A lot of information about rob's childhood and various sources comes from interviews. Robin himself gave in his memory. Early childhood seems a little distorted like you often describes himself as an overweight child but his mom would often bring out pictures of him to to show him. that he for sure was not You joe interviewers. He also often called himself an only child. But that wasn't really kind of true but not really true We had two older half brothers that he accept as his brothers but he didn't spend a lot of time with either them during the childhood. So maybe it's just easier to say he was an only child and interviews and stuff. A robin also described herself as lonely and isolated as a kid but yet had ample friends at every school he attended. Robin seemed to in some ways. Like a lot of people in showbiz Play with his backstory bit. Mcdonagh storytellers couldn't help himself. When it came to tinker around with zone back story a little bit And also you can't for sure feel isolated and lonely despite being surrounded by so-called friends. Maybe robert didn't really connect with a lot of the kids early in his life. Maybe they had a hard time keeping up with his intense and quick move and imagination While he had a lot of casual friends not sure he had a lot of deep friendships on a solid meaningful friendships. His dad moved around too much for that during his formative years. And because of this robin was a new kid in class too often for his liking. I can relate to that a bit I i went to grade schools. Anchorage alaska You know as a little kid didn't keep any friends in the first one..

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