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Morning around central Ohio intermittent. Downpours Assaf today on very. Humid, again with a high of eighty two some fog developing tonight. And muggy a low temperature of sixty seven Tomorrow the sun. Returns a little bit nicer day at eighty-five weather's powered by the basement doctor mostly cloudy it's eighty in Delaware eighty one at, your severe. Weather station News Radio six ten WTVN it'll likely be. Another ten days before an official winners. Declared, in a special election for the twelfth. Congressional district Republican Troy Alderson leads democrat Danny O'Connor by about. Seventeen hundred votes but the Ohio secretary of state says. Thousands of provisional ballots still need to be verified and counted by. Law that happens ten days after the election boulders has declared victory in the race nonetheless, Sean trendy. And elections analyst with real clear politics told six ten WTVN stole Riley the results last night show President Trump isn't doing well in urban areas like Franklin county but it also seems likely. That part of it is a longer. Term trend of of you, know suburbanites turning away from the GOP as they become a little bit more. Socially liberal others say when the same. Matchup likely in November the electorate will, also be different the whole midterm, election ballot before voters as well The. Ohio supreme court has ruled Iekado is on the hook for paying back millions of dollars. To the state over its fudged attendance numbers. Back in February and attorney for the now defunct online charter school, argued, state, law makes. No mention of students participating in class work in order to get state money in a traditional school there is no, measurement of duration whatsoever, funding premise solely upon enrollment it doesn't. Matter whether the student goes to school doesn't matter where the student is sick delinquent engage whatsoever there is no consequence to brick and mortar school today's four to two rolling leaves ikat on, the, line to pay the state. Back about eighty million dollars the, school shut down in. January as a result Republican. Congressman Chris Collins was removed today from the house energy and, commerce committee after he was indicted in New York for insider trading while serving in congress, Chris Collins, sat on the board of a biotechnology company developing a multiple sclerosis drug that failed a. Clinical trial US attorney Jeffrey Berman said Colin, shared the results with his son. Before they became public he tipped his son to Confidential corporate information at the expense of regular investors and then he lied about it to law enforcement Berman said the tip allowed Collins and others to avoid collective losses of almost eight. Hundred thousand dollars his. Attorney said Collins who faces reelection would be vindicated and exonerated Aaron Katersky ABC news New York a. Columbus police officer accused of paying for. Sex while on duty out of a. Job the city stricter public. Safety agree with the police chiefs recommendation the fire officer Randall Mayhew three women accused me, he, paying them. For sex while he was in uniform on duty. An internal affairs investigation and it would Mayhew being charged criminally but was dropped will Mayhew pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty big changes coming to the Oscars it's, long. Been a complaint that many of the highest.

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