Business Tools, President Trump, Barack Obama discussed on Jimmy Barrett


Or visit us online at student loan the help dot org hey thanks for checking out this preview of our brand new podcast from my dot com i meant than you said he band that's and on never christophe left your garage goube when your it hosts comes on to a find voyage out until stability into the sometimes don't get scary left behind waters get of business tools and tips finance for saving and at money feed matters the pig dot org that were calling this the message pale brought to you by the the idea american for the institute show of is cpas that were regular and the ad issue council people who who maybe echoing like your you frustrations wish we knew more clung about money call and were at a better time at saving it keeping it an earning kelli more of it so egypt waite so we're going to explore the best ways to do all that dollars have never made so much sense and as if he succeeds another sean hannity morning the your morning expresso starts right here sean hannity morning till the president's decision today to pull the plug on the obama's decision to sign into this paris climate hold shook cordcutting of come a moment to soothe didn't the next step on that agenda is of four trillion with a t trillion dollar global warming tax that would torpedo america's economy and everyone else's economy investors business daily pointed out that a new report by thirteen economist as on all global warming true believers call for those four trillion dollar gloved global carbon tax to avoid dangerous climate change as as britain's independent reported is no evidence that are carbontax of that magnitude would do anything other than crushed the world economy making billions of people poor sean hannity show from coast to coast later today all right here we go 637 kc o'day radio program now here's what i want to do and then we'll get back to some phone calls i got more audio for you the lots of audio today and we will uh we'll have our own little earthy rural but on a more serious note i just want you to to know where.

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