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Or g'kar. This report is sponsored by positive coaching alliance. Mickey Ferguson is here from Fox. Six in It Looks like another chilly start while Mickey Cold out there It is not quite as bitterly Cold is yesterday, but still below freezing and temperature readings today warming up to about 56 degrees. It's gonna be a sunny day for a much of us but little bit breezy with winds coming at you about 10 to 15 MPH this evening after 7 P.m.. We could see some showers moving to Northwest Alabama and late tonight, some rain apostle. Bull, but tonight slows down the 37. We should see the sun breaking out from behind the clouds tomorrow. Eyes on Friday near 50 degrees from the W B R c first alert Weather Center. I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's Morning news. And right now we do have partly cloudy and 26 news radio 1055 w E. R C got issues with youth or high school sports. Positive coaching alliance can help P C. A. A national nonprofit offers more than 1000 free online resource is for youth and high school sports coaches, parents, dude. San Administrators visit PC, a death zone dot oy 6 12. It is Alabama's morning news. I'm JT and yet yesterday the Democrats went after him again in the impeach the president for the second time. Yeah, Unbelievable..

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