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On the hill with a lefty and the righty coming right at you find a blue and bill Laskey on KNBR six eighty sports leader welcome back as we take it to the one o'clock hour Marty Lori will take you to the pre game show the five forty first pitch on Anderson against cal Quantrill at petco park giants need to keep this winning streak going seventeen and four for the month of August as we continue our show honoring women in sports and we're so happy to see Andre are calling us let's bring Andre and Andre you're part of this program today how are you how you doing we're doing great Andre you cover sports you talk about sports you're on sports shows tell us your thoughts about how you got involved in sports yeah thank you so much for this wonderful show in honoring these inspiring pioneering role models I started back in the day the nineteen seventy three you gotta believe Mets and I can relate to what you were saying that women weren't even allowed in the locker room right so did dream of being a woman in the sports world and then adding the layer of sports astrology you can imagine what when they all said that you need to sixteen in the business they're mostly all the females did and I think everybody gets tested especially in the male gender jumped into a male dominance sport they get tested by either question earning answer or you know drama for mailed by giving him a hard look world like fight is doing right now they get from other females to those pretty of strange yeah and you know Kelly just so you know the fellow Sagittarius and always been you know super helpful and supportive and we're now a fellow Virgo you can imagine is responding to my tweets and when I see you're being really helpful and organized and you know it just like we've come a long way I think what was that cigarette commercial Virginia Slims because we paid and I just you know I love the bay area so supportive and KNBR and I'm able to kind of share something a little different and unique and I think things are evolving and changing like anything else but it's so inspired to hear you know their stories and when they began and you know some of the criticism with telling for saying RB eyes instead of on the high and you know it's just really great because you know the future generations are going to have it even easier well and and there's so many young talented with females in sports now and then they work so hard at it and you know that's one things right a lot right and I love to do this once a year and we love to bring on some of our gas than just the the hard knocks that they have to go all the hurdles they run into and you think they're on TV all the glamour I have no idea how many hours of work they do and I see Kelly work every day I went on there and she works hard and she's in there two hours before pregame she's going over the producer different things and I'm the same thing with Amy G. at the ball park and not always K. Crocker a with L. P. G. A. and Laura brit with with football and we're now at the ballpark all these gas we had on today they paid their dues they sure have yeah Andrea yes you know I'm going to ask you for the lottery number and you know I'm gonna tell you my dear that astrology really doesn't do a lot of being a Leo let me know win if you don't play okay Hey Andre you know what tomorrow is don't you tomorrow is our only it's vied a blues birthday tomorrow I'm gonna I've already read my own stuff I'm good yeah let me know if you'd like you are saying your soldiers burst told reporter for cancer poured in honor of your Leo birthday your Andre I don't think so Hey you know your lottery numbers the chase Andre thanks so much for calling in today it's a great day and we'll honor you to Andre keep up the good work yes you too great show thank you guys Sandra is one of our support casts and no we we go over this we went over a little bit this day in the morning and talk about some of the different females in sports that were around today and and we go back right here I'm wondering the yeah yeah and came BR with Bonnie Jo allow Flynn Mindy Bach now is work with oracle five one Smith covers the raiders Kate Scott with pac twelve carat Burke with the with the rule warriors Andre and McConnell yeah she's on sports Kate long were stunned in Arizona Caroline burns on CBS trees of knowledge the ball park I me so many great females that have worked their tails off and then you go into the writing side Joan Ryan Susan slasher and Killian Janie McCauley and Julie Parker who I see at the ball park so much and then you start looking at a Stacy slaughter of vice president of the giants to Maria who does the the the press box and and Megan brown and there's so many more talented people at work for the giants the Niners you know you see now a college coaches like Kelly was saying now are going to be in the NBA and the benches coach and it's getting to the right point the the right area of professionalism for females you get an opportunity to fight in and ladies are on the rise yeah and we're real happy we we did this today we have some great Gaston K. cockroach from LPGA Amy good years who works for tail off of the ball park Jessica Kleinschmidt an upcoming writer and she works so much at NBC lower brit now the pre and post from the forty Niners Kelly Johnson you'll see her in pre and post for the giants and of course for now Brooks moon I mean just had a great cast of females today and we're honored to support your honor to honor you today and you know how soft tip of the hat keep going keep working hard and and you'll definitely see the outcome at the end the finish line is better and you you you can project and they'll end up being a role model for some young girl out there yesterday man and it is and and that's the stuff that we like to bring out to our our people that listen and support us so we're gonna take a quick break here and bring Marty Larry on a little try factor here we're gonna talk a little baseball but the giants and get his thoughts on trade rumors and talk a little baseball before we end the show at one so we'll be right back with more dealer this is on the hill with.

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