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And Lund. Tom Tolbert and John Lund on NPR, the sports leader. Good. That's good. Spicy. Yes. Talking about mccutcheon is just kind of gotten out of control. He's going to pay the caddy fifty thousand dollars which is worth catty requested after. He only paid him five. I won't use the creative language at the one color us. But yeah, you just know we won't keep keep going to the caddy a real catty chat is in San Ramon. Hi, chad. Welcome. Thanks for taking my call hobby doing good. Very good. So there's a there's a gentleman who called I think just before me. He's kinda asking. Hey, what counties do out there? Do they deserve that kind of let me just tell you. What goes on between the golfers? Two years is anybody's guess, especially when it comes down the stretch. You're basically a part time psychiatry. It's not there. Sometimes you see a bad shot. You've got to know the right things to say, you gotta have the right body language. You have to have the right kind of cost to get them back on track. And you know, coming down the stretch on Sunday, you're living every shot with them. You're analyzing everything. So I think they are in every dollar that they that they keep so to my is out there, man. Don't get hashtag Kuch. Don't do that. This is not this is not going to die as quickly as we don't get a hashtag Kuch. Oh, man. Wow. Like it. That's a strong hashtag hashtags. If I did I'd use the hashtag. Hashtag Hooge Munson kingpin. That's right. That's right became what did you just say? You know, you have bad luck or something incredible happens Munson, they're talking the Munson, but you just say. Mr. Pretty much. All right Tyler's in rocklin in wants to bash Tom. Yup. What's up Tyler? Ten percent the caddy. Why are you guys? What kind of work you guys? Putting in who not enough for what we're getting paid? You. Like. Thirteen percent of your cake. Broke. Dragging on me. Always been thirteen. Gary. Yes. What would you like? Well, if you with thirty five that'd be good enough. I'll take a I'll take a. Solely thirty three. Okay. I know you give me something to worry. You give me something to work towards? Okay. We. Okay. I'm gonna try if I just try to. Diet, buddy. You gotta pick it up. Dominic. We're back at this point again, I'm gonna be really bad. Okay. You sound really pissed. This right now, I don't know. Listen you too. Okay. What don't you like about the show so far besides everything? He larry. And that is going to take you almost almost had Tyler. Okay. Hey, we'll be here for you even though weekend man, he was trying to sell it. He couldn't love the show. How about jobs it? Thirteen percent tellers like ninety two percent of what we say is gold right now, he's digging. It is flat digging. He does like the really likes the the Larry part of the cheese. It does. Who thought cheese would be so funny? What do you want to go? Do. You wanna go cap caddy couture, spicy food. Henry food, and he goes, spicy food. Okay. Let's go to Henry, San Jose. Food. Henry what's up? I'm just curious. Hey, what's going on guy? First time caller here for shit. I just yesterday around the same thing, we're retirement about spicy food. And then Tom I think we're talking about food and you got hot, and it was way too way to me. Okay. So when I was listening to. Back just a memory from that ear. Normally I go to downtown Campbell. When they have a bye you always by Turkey. No homegrown feature. Ricky, and I got I got several flavors garlic, and I got one that was that said hot on. So I said, okay. You know, I like spicy food as well. I got it and all that work, and I decided to take a chunk, man. The high, and I gave it to my coworker. That's the snakes across here. Try this. And I gave them a pretty pretty good sized teeth. And I didn't think I thought it was gonna take a little bite off of it. But he put the whole thing in his mouth. All my guy started swaying. I actually got scared. Okay. You'll get some water friend. It was funny. Did you did you warn them at all that it was going to be a spicy spicy Meatball? Did you did you tell him? It was going to be high. No, that's the thing. I didn't I should have. But how do you think he was gonna put the whole thing in his mouth? I thought he was getting a little. After he swallowed it. Did it Rackham? Yes. It did. He was I say rectum nearly killed him. I'm trying to help everybody out here. I'm so sorry. Appreciate it. Thanks, man. I did try to do magic assist. Right. Therefore. Got it. She killed him. I had a spicy of Argentina. It can only do what you can only do discuss. It has a drop for all the Cajuns. Go ahead. All right. I can't even pronounce that name. So I'm not sure I'll let's go to village idiot. High village Odia. Hey, Don, the John thanks for taking my call. What's going on? So so like, basically, I have a couple of buddies. You know, we play golf together and we've just been killing coots on like architects like the last week. And I think the thing that upsets me the most about the story is, you know, these like the guy who called earlier the caddy he's a hundred percent, right? These guys are primarily there for two things. One to be like, you know, psychiatrists like, hey, you're alright you're doing good, you know, don't don't pay attention to this or that or the other the other thing is really reading on the greens couple of years ago. I actually had the fortune of walking inside the ropes on the practice at pebble. And I was talking to this catty who was nice enough to kind of escort said, he was basically saying the difference at this level, and I guess really any Gulf level is the guy's making putts each week. So you factor that with the fact that coochie is probably one of the best cutters on tour. And he's got a local guy with the greens that he knows exactly how the balls are gonna break where the low spots are and everything I mean, he one hundred percent had a huge hand in helping him win, especially given the fact that he's probably just hit the ball really well that week, and you know, was money on the greens. Like, he always is. And now add to that on on top of that the fact that he has local knowledge into caddies telling for sure, it's going to break this way, for sure it's not gonna break that way. So, you know, he easily could have just said, you know, what this guy totally helped me win. And he deserves to not be coached. I mean. Here we go. In the bay area. Tag. Good. I agree with you. One hundred percent like say, I could make the case that he deserved five percent, which would have been sixty five thousand. I think he settled for fifty and that's fine. If he was good with it. Then whatever I would have given him more. I think should have given him more. But I can make a case for five percent because he probably wasn't the psychiatrist that that his regular caddie is because you don't build up that trust over four days. Just you're not going to do that. But he did help agreed greens. And I'm sure he did you tell him. What you here's where you wanna be this spot. Don't miss here, although sort of things, and when it comes down to golf one or two strokes that said, I mean that could be a few hundred thousand dollars you're missing out on. So I just the whole it's principle. This is what we decided upon that was the part that upset me the most that to me he took advantage of a guy who doesn't make a lot gave him a lot more than he makes in thought that would be good enough. But you're only making two hundred dollars a day. I'll give you five grand. That's a massive. That's a mass. Payday for you. Yeah. Doesn't mean. It's the right thing in doesn't mean he should turn it down. If I'm making two hundred dollars a day, and you offer me five grand carrier clubs or the ability to earn four or five grand. Yeah. I'm gonna do it. I'll do it. Because I mean, that's that's what a thousand dollars a week. That's a month where the salary right there. Five weeks for the salary. Of course, I'll do it not gonna turn it down. But if you win or Kim in the top five or whatever may help I helped me out. It it. It means a lot more to me than it. Does you doesn't mean? I should turn down. I'm gonna turn it down. I'm not going to turn it down and try to help them my family, and and and Cuccia shift known that couture should have just said look certain things will take care of you in the top five win. I'll take care of you. Here's what I'm looking at. Hello to give him five grand for them. Even five grand. If you get if you don't make the cut now that's coming out of the year end because you're not making anything if you don't make the but forty five million the guy has ten sponsors you candidate yesterday is getting paid anyway. So it was just yeah. Yeah. Does do the right thing to do. It should have never come to this. But that's the part that upsets me most only makes two hundred eighty and even said it makes two hundred a week so five thousands of killing for him to get that the right way to look at it. It's he makes two hundred dollars a week. Let me really take care of this guy and help them out and really make a difference in his life. That's the part that gets all right anyway, kmby are we continue to talking about people. Also want to talk about the cashback Kuch story today. We'll get into that. Plus at some point in the six o'clock hour, we'll hit Bryce Harper. The latest on that. There is some news potentially. He could be looking at the giants more serious..

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