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John Johnson, Minnesota National Guard discussed on Overnight re-air of day's programming


Good morning everyone Major General John Johnson on the agent general the Minnesota National Guard as governor walls just announced this morning we received guidance from the governor as it relates the demobilization of the Minnesota National Guard and the return of part of the Minnesota National Guard back to their home town and back to their armories this is not in order to return the entire organization back home any redeployment is coordinated with the mac and approved by the governor our plan will remain flexible and have a scalable temple that we can accelerate as the security situation improved delay or even stop if the security situation R. worsens with over seven thousand Minnesota national guardsmen currently mobilized I am confident that we can reduce our presence while meeting the needs of the mission taskings received by the mac the state patrol and the department of safety you may see movement began as early as this afternoon as we take our units who are not required through our respond in Saint Paul or Minneapolis and allow them to return home and begin the process of returning back to the Roman status as soon as a citizen soldier in addition I'd like to report that last night at nine forty eight PM in the vicinity of interstate I. thirty five and Washington Avenue an unknown vehicle driving at a high rate of speed toward a Minnesota national guardsmen and their police counterparts the rapidly approaching vehicle refused to slow down as it approached our guardsmen and our police officers additional questioning into our national guardsmen indicate that this element responded with verbal and non verbal signals for the vehicle to stop the vehicle continued at a high rate of speed non lethal methods we're engaged on the vehicle to again to have the vehicle stopped the vehicle continued at a high rate of speed at that time in accordance with the escalation of of our force our soldier fired three rounds from his rifle in response to a perceived and legitimate threat to him and the Minnesota police officers but he was in direct support of the vehicle change course and fled the scene at this time no injuries have been reported we have followed all procedures and reported this event to both the governor's office and the chief of the National Guard bureau as is required by regulation any time a servicemember discharges the right weapon regardless of reason we have assigned an investigating officer for this incident and finally this week are and specifically this weekend for sure miss our National Guard is seen the best and the worst of Minnesota we've seen the devastation of a community and we have seen great citizens coming back out picking up the pieces with their friends with their neighbors and strangers and we've had a small part of that we've had the privilege and the honor to to be a small part of that because Minneapolis and St Paul our our communities to we live here we work here in the Minnesota National Guard is here for you and now be followed by curling her thanks general my name's Matt Langer have the honor and privilege serving as chief of the Minnesota state patrol I'll be brief last night was kind of the textbook civil disobedience issue that we are training to deal with on a regular basis and I think people soccer a different strategy frankly a strategy that law enforcement likes much better than using chemical munitions and some of the actions that we saw last week that were absolutely necessary but not our first choice so last night I think people saw a much slower development of a crowd control strategy in a tactic with dispersal warnings and then encirclement strategy that works in a very careful methodical safe and even easier way to take people into custody is most of which tend to want to be taken into custody for their actions for various reasons I echo the sentiment and I was proud to see the law enforcement officers but it was the troopers the DNR conservation officers the sheriff's deputies in the police officers this is a multi hour interaction and I think what you'll see if you watch the news and see various reports it warmed my heart to see all of those peace officers interacting with all of those protesters under arrest communicating talking laughing and being human together that is exactly what I like to see and what we like to see and what makes us proud enough was said about this time I under thirty five W. bridge I had the same visceral reaction as a traffic safety professional about what that could have been worse is what it was and one of things we've said all along is that the freeway is just a very dangerous place to be when you're protesting and so there's many places to exercise your first amendment right we continue to facilitate that along with other law enforcement agencies the freeway it's just not the place to do it and although we try as hard as we can to keep people safe it's just really really difficult and yesterday was a shining example of what we said for a long long time about the danger of those events on the freeways I tend to agree nothing short of a miracle in terms of the lack of injury and all up there and we're very thankful for that Minnesota state patrol chief colonel Matt Langer I'm C. span radio WCS PFM Washington not least were prepared we had our staffing and resources and as a governor so the multi agency response is still there the curfew adjustment has been announced and other than to hear law enforcement directing like ten o'clock in the in the requirement is that that you obey the curfew and that's an order but sometimes you don't hear what I'd like to say is I'd like to ask people to cooperate with a ten o'clock curfew maybe that's different maybe that's not common but that's are asking I'm speaking collectively on behalf of law enforcement would like I would like you to cooperate with that and that's helpful for us we'll be there and ready and we're willing and able to deal with what we have to but we know absolutely the vast vast majority of Minnesotans and those who have around Minneapolis and St Paul are helping and they're trying and we just hope and pray for a peaceful genuine expression of first amendment right and enough with the violence enough with the property destruction and and we look forward to that and that's mask for the future here is that we get back to who we are in the state of Minnesota we exercise those rights appropriately and cooperate much better than what we saw last week I with that I think go through over to Magic upright thank you this has clearly been a crisis unlike any our city or state has ever seen I think it's becoming increasingly clear that it's one that demanded a state supported and guard size response in the governor mentioned just a little bit ago that we have not seen this kind of mobilization since World War two and I really do want to thank the governor for the support that we've gotten over the last several days it has been absolutely essential for the safety and the welfare of the people in Minneapolis I'm not gonna get too much into the tanker truck is people who have previously spoke already have laid out the facts but I I do want to say that this is just terrifying instance also shows a whole lot of bravery bravery by the protesters that were willing to look out for those around them bravery by the peaceful protesters they're willing to help the individual driving the truck our police officers made a very quick and clear action to to remove protesters from the bridge because we did not know what was on that tanker we did not know if it was explosives we did not know the intent of the individual driving in by their willingness to clear people from the bridge we could very quickly get first responders to the action it was only apple is mayor Democrat Jacob Frye so in an early morning fire suspected arson over in north Minneapolis it's a reminder that we certainly have to still have a very long way to go in although in north Minneapolis has not been the center of a whole lot of mobilization some beautiful things are happening there's communities are rallying around one another they're making sure to provide free food looking out for your neighbor and any time a single instance happens over there I get thirty five text messages and calls and and I think what that says to me is the north Minneapolis is strong and they're well cared for you know but we also can't lose sight of the fact that throughout the day yesterday yesterday and today we've seen peaceful protests all around the city I had the opportunity to visit lake and Bloomington as well as the memorial for George Floyd on thirty eighth in Chicago and it did provide a sense of of therapeutic measure for me to see people in community loving one another looking out for their neighbours celebrating peace and celebrating a beautiful life that was George Floyd was heart warming even in the most difficult of circumstances I it was heavy people are obviously sad and angry but there were commitments to scene change going forward is inspirational these cannot be half measures there can be no tokenization this has to be done well in thoroughly and I can tell you that I and I know the governor and mayor and others are entirely committed to that to call this a painful chapter in our city's history is clearly an understatement the murder of George Floyd has made very clear that the systemic racism and issues that need to be confronted in our society not tomorrow but right now let's retain order let's keep the peace but let's keep that sense of urgency and lack of patience going forward because it is needed those need to be the overriding goals of both tonight and the days there are right many of you know that I have almost three months old at home her name is a mela and she was born on March third code nineteen crisis I already canceled my parenting leave and so you know I've I've I've I haven't got a chance to do the father hood leave that I had initially planned on doing about look at her every morning I look at her every day and I know that she's going to have some questions for all of us you know growing up I think about the conversations I've had in my grandparents and my parents about those days like you know when Martin Luther king was assassinated those moments like freedom summer of those defining moments in our history that we look at our grandparents and our parents and say this was a really important moment and we ask them to account for us for where they were and what they did mayor of Saint Paul Minnesota Democrat Melvin Carter owners points we've asked our our our grandparents about those historic moments a commission and a task force report is unsatisfactory the point is every generation I know has those moments that so called us to be bigger than our biggest selves they call us to work they call us to action the cost to do something and in just the way that we've asked our generations to account for those moments my daughter our children all of our children and grandchildren will ask us to account for what we did right now how we acted right now how we answer this moment right now yesterday in Saint Paul was a day that I look forward to telling them about yesterday in Saint Paul our day was marked by the local business owners who despite having boarded up windows and trying to figure out when they'll get their employees back to work held supply drives to collect diapers and formula and food and.

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