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Adorable so cute but miniature of course they did not pay attention to maximum capacity at the time and actually so hold several inmates at once and only in may two could afford it got to eat so it was actually jam packed in there like sardines and they were fighting each other for food for the people who actually bought food well that's fucking great it's so tiny too it was a it's like a tiny house dreams so it was a jail until eighteen twenty and then it was actually moved from its original property and piece by piece brought back over and rebuilt in a location where they were like it will suit the area it will do here guess where they brought it uh cemetery oh my god so where things are going to die if they're not already dead apparently so they can be they can suit the place right so in cobbs hill cemetery now sits the barn stable old jail ghosts came with the building obviously sure and investigations and overnight tours were done for a while and the main tour guide his name was derek and derek i know and he said that the ghosts would often bump into people push them throw items drop rocks by their feet so like just to get attention like feel something by your foot and then look down at someone's shopped iraq that's not nice they would growl whisper and very clearly in the vp's say move aside.

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