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Made us part of your feed at industry and services out there from spotify to i tunes and if you like what you hear here please consider giving us a glowing five star review on itunes. If you don't like what you hear here please forget. I said anything. So m mb. Joe biden has gone there. He wants to impose a vaccine mandate not on the military not on federal workers. Not on contractors are not just on those people but on employers that have more than one hundred people working for them. There is an instance reaction to this on the right a firestorm of opposition. People saying that they're not gonna comply urging people not to comply would do you make well. It's a betrayal of what biden said. Which is that. He was against mandates and didn't think they would could work From the federal government it will send people who are Paranoid about the government's agglomeration of emergency powers and it's continued broken promises. Through shifting goalposts vaccine it will send them into a tizzy Saying i see. I told you so You know this is just going to get worse and worse Biden struck every room. Note in his speech he He failed to describe an in state to the pandemic and the emergency measures. He's introducing have introduced at a time. When i think a huge amount of the public is exhausted of this he made it personal. Instead of you know The appropriate rhetorical posed to strike for president of the entire country is to urge people to do what they can for the common. Good right for the the Vaccine's will help us end this pandemic instead. He expressed exasperation and A lack of patience with scores of millions of americans like directly he. He vented his anger and frustration and the frustration of keno. Two hundred million americans at another eighty million americans. He he said things that make no sense. You know that in in one breath he said if you get the vaccine your chance of being hospitalized for kobe. Nineteen is one hundred sixty thousand and he immediately shifted to saying. I now have to take these extraordinary steps to protect you. The vaccinated from the unvaccinated and of course you know it involves this move through osha and your employer so the hr department. That already tells you what to think. And what pronouns do you use and how to sign off on your emails. They will now tell you what to do with your doctor or what you have to do in lieu of it. This is many baleful trends of cova era governance and progressive era governance all compacted into one mandate and also. It's not clear that they believe this is going to pass muster the osha regulations. Don't really work like this. They're supposed to be kind of exclusively for workplace issues. And this is an attempt to achieve a broader public health goal. In ron clean is a even said like this was a re tweeted claims that this was a brilliant way to get around limitations of federal authority. Well that could be wrong. Client has the the worst re tweets of any white house chief staff ever. I think. I think we can favorite saying that mean that could be cited in that re tweet could be cited in case the in a hearing that that puts this thing down in circuit court could be evidenced itself. The the white house knows what it's doing is not above board. It's just it's it's also it seems to me is desperate. Sign of panic that we seem to be if you look just by case numbers and even by death numbers. We're now in a worst spot currently than we were twelve months ago when we had no vaccines and the white house's panicking they promise to shut down the virus and they don't know how to do it at this point and so the only idea that is satisfying cathartic to launch. Is this attempt to use sticks to beat the recalcitrant into compliance. I think this is carried out further. I think we could start seeing Resistance to this the way you saw resistance in paris or in rome or other european capitals where you have major street protests and demonstrations against these mandates and. it's also just kind of set on fire. This mood on the left. That sort of like well healthcare is a right exactly if you don't do the right things if you don't get the vaccine. Maybe shouldn't go get icu treatment. Maybe you should be triage away. Maybe your health insurance premiums should go up if you're not behaving right in all that stuff It's the sort of stuff that makes you reach for the safety on your weapon is it. It's it's a threat So yeah i think this was a disaster and I think it would be better for biden if the courts somehow saved him from this. You know i mean maybe maybe the ideas that the courts won't let us through but a bunch of major companies will Respond to this by imposing mandates of their own volition. Jim we're gonna talk about the divan. On the politics a second segment on on the mandate here but just on the policies so that last point that. Mvp was making del. Devil's advocate take here. So this is an epidemic now a pandemic really of the unvaccinated. Yeah we're having breakthrough cases but thank god. They're not particularly serious. Most of the time and the vaccine protects you from Hospitalization and death. Where we we've seeing these. Michael also alluded to these astonishing number. Some of the worst of the pandemic of not the the worst of the pandemic right now among those tens of millions of unvaccinated people. So just as a public health matter. Maybe this thing isn't gonna stand but maybe you tell yourself well. This is yet another way and a more rigorous way to send the message that you really should get vaccinated and maybe you know. Get struck down places. Maybe some employers don't do it but some employer is will do it or even if they're not complying with the mandate might say well you know what we're just gonna have our own own policy mandating vaccination on our own power which know various private companies have already done anything to be said for that way of looking at it. Well i want to rehash what michael had said about the contradiction. The speech the idea that if you're vaccinated you're really protected. You really don't have anything to worry about the odds of you. Having a bad reaction are extraordinarily small. And also we're gonna protect you from the unvaccinated. Co workers are unvaccinated people in society. There's a lean out in the morning jolt today. This is like a couple other kind of ramifications of this thinking that if you're vaccinated some other unvaccinated first of living down the street is a threat to you and biden. Emphasizing that there are eighty million americans could get vaccinated. Have not gotten back sedated yet. They're also fifty million americans who are not vaccinated who cannot get vaccinated because they are children aged eleven or younger and according to the us food drug administration bat vaccine is not going to be ready for them earlier than midwinter. Apparently they're hoping for before the end of the year but in all likelihood it's looking at january and one of the points that was kinda contradictory to everything else biden mustang about the need to get everybody vaccinated splits possible is by no means. We're going to rush it. They were not gonna have any particular they would not unveil or you know promote or allow vaccinations for kids until they were one hundred percent certain that there were safe in in alaska but even bigger than the issue of oh by the way. We've got this big mass of americans who are leather younger who can't get vaccinated. We'll get back in it for awhile. We've also got the matter of several billion people around the world who can't get back at the heart of this by really specifically say this. But you hear this from folks on the left and the people who are really pro vaccination all the time this idea that every unvaccinated person is basically a ticking time bomb The idea that the virus could get into them and it could mutate and god forbid someday we can up with a variant. that cannot be stopped by vaccinations. And then we're right back to january twenty twenty..

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