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Lies is with us right now on espn radio first and foremost benny let's pay off the tees who were you with the night we captured bin laden and why is that relevant thanks ravi on the show at nine i thought we were talking about david phys deals addiction to wingspan luc cornet with his arm struck style wide wow but yet answer your question i was with idris elba the night that we got bin laden thank you bomb and we did the junket for sore the news broke in the restaurant where at dinner and for some reason it just decided to buy everyone long island iced heave which i don't know if it was the connection to america you know he's a brit and you think oh it's a real american drink but for someone is cool as interest l by you know nothing easteal del toro who pretty cool but long island i t's for the table into celebrate the death of bin laden's only one of them i don't know if i could top that i was on a college campus when that happened kids just streaking across kansas holding american flags and i selbe by and long island iced teas sounds markedly cooler than that i don't know how to top that one ad end well it just really excited that interest is joining the the world of the fast and the serious i mean he's no getaway driver like mike golic junior drove me around the bristol campus one day but he will be joining we cobs and decker shaw that's right the rock and jason state them in a fast and furious spinoff not called fast nine this is called the hobson shaw idris will play a villain for i think the third time in his career now after star trek in the jungle book but what does this mean for dumped hereto in roman pearce i've so many questions mike ryan is a big fast guy i don't know if we're gonna see roman pearce back on screen in fast and furious me what is go ahead let's wait a second only what come again if you look up on i m d fast and furious nine the only people credited are vin diesel tire east lucas black who had leave popped up in tokyo drift and fast and furious seven and some guy named cody murphy i've never heard of what might be an intern on your show other than that there's no talking hollywood about back in theories nine everybody's talking about this hobbes and show spin off movies so if the rock were able to deal the fast and furious franchise from vin diesel i guess that means he won the battle and the wellpublicized vif the to to those outfits have and then we're talking to ben lyons on the shell pennzoil performance line so benny is this really just the driving force behind this this as simple as a spite movie in spite maybe shift in the franchise for the rock i mean this beef between the rock and diesel goes back to two thousand sixteen when they were making the fate of the fury us when the rock famously posted on instagram that some of his male coast ours are a little chicken bleep and candy asses then of course tyree took vin diesel side they go back years from fast and furious movies but now it's all about hobson shaw this movie is going to be in production this fall idris's is signed on you've got a director the same director as dead pool to so look for dom toronto roman pearce to be on the outside looking in i thought it was all about family we'll see how the family comes together the future of the fast curious franchise it's a fam jam right now when it's out name birkin ben lines hanging on the dan lebatardshow i saw ant man the wasp last night bent took my three boys to go see at ages ten seven and one and a half obviously the youngest has de niro not as into it as my other two boys so we were kind of you know immersed in slushy popcorn i thought it was fine i actually liked the first one better i do think paul rudd's offi likeable and give it up for the golden oldies trio of michael douglas michelle pfeiffer and lords fishburn all moonlighting in a superhero movie but evangeline lilly fellow canadian i it was okay what did you think of 'em in whole before your view of atman you ant man you took a one and a half year old to the.

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