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Carriers photos of the device from user identified. Only by the surname, leave show comprehensive damage to front rear inside, the new phone ranging from cracked glass to melt, the plastic metal Lee claims that the S ten five G was Cigna table when it started smelling burnt in smoke soon engulfed buffoon, and that he dropped the device because it was so hot when he reached out to Samsung, the company refused to replace or refund. Twelve hundred dollars purchase suggesting while he was at fault. They got the product and completed the external inspection in x Ray inspection. Samsung said in a statement, but the external traces are abbey. Yes, we can't find any product defects. It may be caused by the external impact on smartphone. I don't know. What do you guys think think like this look some little bit fishy? Like somebody just wanted to get press actually wonder feels like journalists who did it just the say ruse look food for good free. Moody. Don't go. Don't go do that. Or if it actually was a legitimate. Regular individual and phone just happen randomly start on fire. See this is the problem that you have with far phones smartphones catch on fire. No, they don't very small cases of them. Do the rest of us walk around phones for the rest of our lives, perfectly fine. So I know remains to be seen, but be careful with your phones. And if you do get a phone maybe consider getting insurance for it that might

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