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Bradley bozeman and James Hurst their center, Matt Scherzer is also pretty awful. He's been getting picked on quite a bit lately, really Marshall Yanez the best piece in that line. He's very good at right guard. And there I think they're right. Tackle was pretty vulnerable in Orlando Brown junior guy that neither one of us cared for much in the draft. And they took him in the third round. And I think they're vulnerable all up and down that line with the exception of Janda. And I think they have one I think the charters had several good match ups. You know, I think you look at various Filon. He struggled a little bit early in that game in the first game in week sixteen because they had him on the right side of the offense of line, and he was mashed up head to head with Marshall yadda quite a bit and yadda and skirl were double teaming him, and he was struggling but about midway through the second quarter Gus moved into the left side of the offensive line. And he started just eating the left guards lunch. I mean, he was killing them and skirl couldn't block him bozeman and Hearst couldn't block in. It was a nightmare. So I still don't think they have an answer for file on. I think that's a really great matchup. I think the pieces are there for the charges to be able to drive those interior linemen back into into Jackson's lap. Like we talked about. And I think there are some vulnerabilities tackle too. I think even though Stanley's played pretty well. He shows some vulnerability to incite counters, in my opinion, he can beat around the edge both Stanley and Orlando Brown junior in my opinion bay struggle with nickel blitzes you send multiple rushes at them. And they both kind of get confused and they struggle. So I think there are ways to get after Jackson in key situations there by confusing there tackles and sending multiple rushers, but I think this game where you're probably gonna see. More four and five type five-man type pressure packages. Dropping more guys back and trying to confuse Jackson. Yeah. I got a little bit different opinion on the office of line. I think you're right about the interior. I think they're very susceptible in the middle. I don't think the tackle plays. All that bad. I thought Ronnie Stanley set a pretty good year the games we watched. And I thought Landau Brown was much better than expected. I also didn't think he was very good coming out of the draft. So take that for what it's worth. But you know, watching them I didn't think he was all that bad in going back to that game in week sixteen. It didn't seem like they're a ton of pressure coming out. Lamar jackson. I thought their run game was pretty good. I think they get some pretty good push up front. The run game pass blocking. I think there are some weaknesses for shirt on paper. I think there are some really good match ups. Like, you talked about dairies Filon Joey Bosa moment Ingram on either end is obviously a good matchup. I think you're right. I think they do drop a little bit more zone. They rush five. I don't think. Gets too aggressive only because of how slippery Lamar Jackson could be. And you don't want to send too many guys leave too many holes open. So, you know, obviously, this defense of lines got a winner matchups. They got to stay disciplined collapse that pocket we talked about interior pressure. Hopefully, close the walls in on him on Lamar Jackson be it's more. It's more to stay disciplined close walls and get interior pressure than it is send the house and get him quick pressure on the Mark Jackson. So when when we're talking about getting pressure on the Mark Jackson. It's not hey, man, sender when and Dez off the edges because you'll be in trouble, then because he can have his quick read, and he'll be okay. And then you know, if anybody's out of line, then he's gone for twenty plus yard. So it's all about staying disciplined, hopefully closing the walls and on the edges from Bosa Ingram. Filon Crain's interior pressure on Lamar Jackson. Yeah. I agree with that. So let's let's go ahead and talk about some of these keys for the charter defense. All right. Well, I think. Obviously, you know, they're going to be run heavy and they're not looking to put the ball in the air too much..

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