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By strong bill plumbing, air and solar number one Gallup asked the question. Are you better off now than you were four years ago? 56% of Americans said Yes, I'm better off now than it was under Obama. Biden 56%. When Obama ran for reelection. It was only 45%. When Reagan swept 49 of the 50 states. It was only 44%. 56% into pandemics. Yeah, better off now than I was four years ago under Obama, Biden. So you want to know? I'm confident. That's just one of the reasons second thing that I think you need to know. Is it looks like the unfortunately ah, the the Doug Dusa for China virus locked down will continue. I guess until we get a spent until the Legislature gets back in jail, Dr Cara Chris was deposed by Ellen Woman representing 100, plus bars in the lawsuit against Lucifer. And he asked her. What the indicators that will that will you go that you have that say it's okay to open fully now. And she said, Well, I we have no indicators. We only have benchmarks to get schools and businesses open but nothing to say that no indicators to say that we should get rid of this emergency power Emergency Covic Declaration. No indicators. None. Sick. No reaction from any state lawmakers where Artie third thing that I think you need to know. Gretchen Whitmer was supposed to be apparently kidnapped by AH militia group. And they're an anarchist militia group videos out that they hate Trump. We play the audio. The ringleader literally said Trump's attire, and he's not a friend of ours. Yet instead of saying Thank you, Gretchen Whitmer blamed Trump for inspiring them to do it. She said. Words have meaning. Yeah, well, what about Kamala Harris, saying the protest shouldn't end there. Not going. They shouldn't end and Maxine Waters get in their face. Hypocrites. Three things. I think you need to know we have. Ah, Sarah, obviously a lot coming up the next 3.5 weeks, one of the big races CD to where you have a right now an incumbent congresswoman. Who I mean, she's a relevant. Where is Ann Kirkpatrick? I have no idea. So the Republican candidate Branden Martin joins me now to talk about, well, everything that's going on so you can get some flavor for him and figure out if maybe he's a better choice, which he is then. And Brandon. How you doing, man? Morning, Garret. I'm doing great. How are you? All right. Thank you. First where I've been looking. There are no new stories about Ann Kirkpatrick, her Twitter account. I think it's operated by her staff, because there's nothing but like, you know, retweeted news stories. I have no idea where this woman is What I have not heard from her. I've not seen her. There's no local news stories. I don't even know why she gets a paycheck. Well, maybe we should ask Ruben Gay go because he's rolling by proxy for So maybe maybe he knows where she's at. Oh, it's one of those. She's afraid to go anywhere because of the China virus. She's been she was missing. Before that she's missed over 100 votes. She's the most absolute member of the Arizona delegation. He's been getting paid over $174,000 a year and not doing her job. And she has crazy Reuben Diego who is a hard core leftist up in the Phoenix area, His sisters, the mayor, Phoenix, she said, I want you to vote for me. She is outsourced are our opportunity. She outsource our You know everything. She outsource our boat here in city too. Right now. Reuben Gay goes voting for you. Did she ever us respond to you, Brandon about any kind of a debate, you know? Is she willing to do anything in public or no? She said, according to the Arizona Daily Star, that she's willing to do it that she's willing to participate in a debate. But she hasn't committed to that. And yesterday we went, we went to Twitter. And when we said, and it's time to debate people deserve to know where you stand on the issues, and she's not willing to do it. I mean, I haven't heard a peep from her yet and she didn't show up at the veil community for him. She hasn't been showing up to work. She's just coasting along, hoping that she can. She can win. If you just stayed quiet. She's hiding in the bunker. And you know Nancy Pelosi He just wants to remain quiet because she votes 100% of time with Nancy Pelosi when her votes go in 100% of time within my own Nancy Pelosi, so she's just hoping that you can coast by and win this, but we're going to take the city back. We're going to win. Brandon Martin's on knsd Am 7 90. He's running for Congress in District two here in Southern Arizona s O. I look, she's getting 174 grand did not do her job. She's missing in action. She's not doing anything for Southern Arizona right now. If people are you know if people are listening right now, maybe they backed her supporter don't know much about your They're just finding out that she's literally doing nothing. What are you offering The people of southern Arizona if you were to be the representative in Congress. Great question. They can go to Brandon Martin for congress dot com. Check out my contract with the city to I've put everything out there. I put what I plan to do how I would represent them. What bill that I would support. What issues that I want a dress for them. How I would run the office. I mean, we have a detailed contract with CD to on how we're going to this, But my whole life has been about service to my nation. I want to continue that service in the House of Representatives for seeding, too. You deserve a vote you deserve a voice in Washington is going to actually advocate for you and your rights to keep businesses open to keep families earning paychecks, really compare their bills and put food on the table..

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