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Start educating yourself on the food industry, you kind of can't stop. So once you learn, you can't unlearn I say, once you see it, you can't unsee truly can't up. And when I saw the food Inc documentary, I was like, Nope. Not eating chickens anymore. Totally. Yeah, I read eating animals. Yes. And that was it for me. But I don't I wouldn't say that I like identify as vegan because there's still a lot of animal byproducts that I own still have silk, I have a ton of leather stuff. I still have some non vegan product. So I wouldn't. But I am practicing a plant based diet at the at the moment. And it out and it has been so exciting. Yeah. So that's not really a self care Mitchell. It's I think it's fun too. I think what you're saying is, I'm experimenting with what I'm eating and how it's making me feel xactly, and that's fun. I think I've always kind of equated my time with food is like a self care practice. There's nothing better than nursing your body, your nursing yourself. Exactly is one of my favorite things in the world is cooking myself dinner completely alone in my apartment, sitting down on the sofa watching TV and eating it. That's one of my favorite, that's self classify that as a self rituals. It is one hundred percent. I love that. Okay. Can we just here like what is on your face right now? Y'all let's talk about it. So as I said, I love to decant my products when I travel, however, I'm staying with my both my sister and my mom live in LA. So I've been going back and forth, between them and I do something crazy isn't your sister, kind of live by me? She does. Yes. Yeah. I'm doing something crazy, which is I am using their routines. Okay. We love has been so fun. So obviously a little bit. Their routines are informed by whatever I say, I'm like, Augusta cream or whatever that I haven't been using made me break our get outta my face. However, I've been experimenting with what they use. And I've been really, really liking some of their stuff like I've been trying, the Dr Barbara storms Heil Roenick acid and better. It's just Devine. There's nothing better. It's just simply divine. There's nothing better. I just actually found out about that product a little bit more. I believe I brought it up in the strategist piece you did you did you did. So there's a molecular weight to every Serail and there are the Hyler Roenick. What would you call it the sale of the highly Roenick.

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