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Back into the article specialist studios Is it when he's wrong. He calls himself out on it. So how 'bout that dodgers astros world series mark. Well got half right right. That's that's postseason though that's a push in In gambling right well. I don't lose anything that is through you to collect your money back mark but are you ready to finally admit the braves are gonna win this thing. Well yes we've lost Their first world series game every time the whole series and then they want one of them. So i i you know this is going to be. It's the fun series. Should be a really fun series. I don't really have a pick us. Who win. But i certainly have learned to this postseason not to count the asked us out. I mean that was dead in the water against the braves and the red sox they came back wants. So i i don't know how they're doing it the pitching staffs in shambles out burland or a healthy green tea and mccullers rolling back out through most of us have never heard of and yet they're here so i think it's a little premature to count them out all right all right. I'll accept. That mark is a former major league. Pitcher talk to me about how how difficult situation. Aj mentor dot. Last night. When charlie morton after pitching sixteen more pitches on a broken leg You know he goes out. Aj metric comes in and pitched fantastic. It did and and i see a situation. It's certainly not in the world series but jerry. Roy started the game against an oriels and baltimore and first-inning pulled a hamstring uneven. Forty something years old time a hamstring. And i was the long man that day so i had to come into the bullpen and baltimore and warm up. Essentially start your warm ups right there. On the mountain you don't get the warm up in the bullpen. And that's a really different thing because everybody's watching already wants you to hurry up. Get on with it. We'll start the game up and you gotta go through your normal routine which usually takes you. You know several minutes to complete. So there's a lot of eyeballs on you. It's an uncomfortable feeling to come in that situation and it's You know the tip of the capital as well as he hits because They certainly needed that at that point more did was inspiring his teammates. I'm sure They felt like he they gave. He gave them more than he had to be. Honest but Certainly my mentor did can't be overlooked. It was really impressive. Was an talk a little bit. More about charlie morton. I mean this is a guy that's been around the block. He turns it on in the postseason and man. After taking that line drive to pitch sixteen more pitches pushing off the mound of the broken lay. That is just insane. Yeah i got hit in that same spot. Push off put by a comebacker on the on the instep. I'm on my arch Against toronto by nelson larry as like a one hop bullet back foot. And i think it all taped up and i finished the game. I finish my all taped up. And tabby all that one out the next five days later pitching bluejays in milwaukee and larry hit me in the same spot at the same ball again to twice in six days and i. It's it's difficult. But you know what. Charlie morton is a competitor. He doesn't wanna come out with the game. But you saw that lasker by two zero to be on the paltry buckled like kinda gave out on the follow through. So i can say i think. He gave his teammates more than even had more than they could ask for it in that circumstance. And it's unfortunate he will get the kitchen in the world series especially. I know these other former astro. He wanted to be involved in this series. But it's a tribute to competitive is able to stick it out as long as he did. So it's interesting to now without him going forward. You know they obviously lost. Mike saroka early on in the season when you think of the braves pitching staff going forward and the rest of this. You know i. I did a little of everything. I wasn't closed in the big leagues. Long short relief starting the starting role has kind of been diminished. We'll kind of it has been diminishing. These clouds right guys are going wants through the batting out there. Almost every game and the postseason we've watch is gonna bullpen game. Maybe they'll outing against the red sox when he went eight innings. That's the exception than the rule. Used to be the rule right. We used to guys go deep into volumes. Starters not anymore. So i think the loss of a starting pitcher isn't necessarily devastating to believe it or not. Who thought this losing. Charlie morton wouldn't be as devastating that they lost a mentor or You know talking about they lost mazzi. I mean they're in deep trouble right. So i think they'll find a way to overcome lots of morton they'll just patch together the bullpen as they've been doing because everybody's been doing this whole postseason. I don't expect you to have a terrible words. We're talking with the khanates former major league pitcher author of the inside Inside pitch blog on kfi k. k. k. dot com. I made this note earlier. Wouldn't it be nice if we had the the braves general manager. I mean some of the moves. He made this team was forty. Nine fifty one at the all star break he brings in jorges hilarie brings in eddie rosario and those two guys i mean th there for their fingerprints are all over this playoff run. Well remember back last year when the public did the same thing. Right they did. They remade their wasser. And then they made it in the post. You gotta be daring a little bit right but you also gotta be during be good at it. You can do it you know. I don't like the so dirt on the guy. Donald dad when he was first came to the rocky was trying to do those types things. Every move was a bad. What a bunch of bad moves. It's not gonna make any difference. It's not gonna help you out so the rockies by nature are ultra conservative in regard. They value their own. Players are own prospects and unafraid to make trade And so therefore they get kinda left at the altar a lot of times we did see brightest make a couple of moves a few years ago when they got johnson. Luke roy and guys like that. The trade deadline pattni shack and that benefit is the team. So yes i agree with you. I think if you had joe manager was more aggressive or was allowed to be more aggressive and move parts around and not be afraid to part with prospects You'd have a better on the field product. At least if you're gentlemen judy was doing. And you talked about tyler matic Let's not forget. I mean matt scott like the defense best star in rockies history from an analytical standpoint in this guy that didn't pitch for five years because of the yips. His story is truly incredible as well. It's really inspiring because you know he was walking home opening day starting pitcher that year twenty fifteen. He started the home opener He was a bright spot. I mean he's a high school kid. Coming out graft in those kids take longer developed in the minors he did. They draft two thousand nine. You know five six years later that he bigly but you had. We saw the stuff stuff was a question but the command was and the the more the command got the more he got on himself about it. And i think. I read something fascinating. Sports illustrated about about When the rockies drafted town amount to the first thing they did was take away. The reason they drafted him is exercises workout routine in the shot. Put a heavy to helping train. They took that away from fearful. He'd hurt himself well. You just drafted the guy. Because of what he's been doing. And what do you become and now you take it away. And i think this speaks a lot to the poor history of development of pitchers in the rockies organization. Yes it had their bright spots mark wiley certainly made a difference when he came in and twenty eleven or twenty twelve and spent ten years helping develop what they have now starting wise which is really good but the problem with the rockies in the minor leagues is they get mixed messages from different levels of organization coming up. They don't get a consistent message all the way up through the system and they think they're trying to make them they try to take the square whole lotta times and i think Magic a good example. Now what he what. He overcame as far as the hips. He he was released by three or four other teams after he's up to rocky It wasn't just the rockies gave up on him and then he told around for five years he he got signed by the white sox and to mother teams before he finally out of himself turned into pitcher. He's a he has now. And i know bill smith back bill smith iraqis. Gm now if the guy drafted that tick and he's sitting there saying you know what if and when they got away but there was no way to predict the guy would have the intestinal fortitude to fight through. He's fought through to get back to where he's.

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