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Five six leading the crusade against Carly Gerry McNamara on red eye radio is off it's you and me are I don't want to get to to this audio cut senator Lindsey Graham on fox news on on Tuesday morning has been talked about much but it's it's it's coming up a possible peace deal with the the the Taliban Afghanistan would it end the occupation of Afghanistan that's something that the president has talked about and here was Lindsey Graham on fox and friends yesterday meanwhile is fitted over Afghanistan a September first it looks as though the nine round of talks is supposed to produce a peace agreement with Afghanistan which eventually very soon all our troops come out the Taliban already have half the country they've been working on a deal with the Taliban I guess to give it all back what's your greatest concern because many people listening said I'm done with that war we've been doing it for nineteen years what is Lindsey Graham say is at stake right well number one the you may be tired of fighting radical Islam but they're not tired of fighting you you might get a peace deal with the Taliban the presence put a hurting on the Taliban they have about thirty percent of the country twenty percent of the public agrees with them in Afghanistan eighty percent do not want to go back to the good old days of the Taliban were you kill women's soccer stadiums were sport and young girls cannot ever go to school so you might in the war with the Taliban but the al queda is alive and well in Afghanistan ISIS is stronger today than they've ever been in in Afghanistan they will hit us if we leave so I'm telling the president I applaud you for trying to lower the cost you've done a good job of putting hurting on the Taliban which can't trust the Taliban to take care bye system now queda there's no substitute for American forces in Afghanistan to protect the American homeland from radical Islam they'll be another nine eleven if we pull the plug if you don't believe me ask the generals in the intelligence community how many so there you go you know it it's something to be said the longest time we in America we get sick and tired and we said look the worst been going on forever I yeah I have to understand your enemy you have to understand the conclusions that that we came to bipartisan in the nine eleven commission you know when you go back to the nine eleven commission the results are came out of it Eric and I were working together we just had just started working together or maybe just a couple of years when that eventually came out when they talked about was that the intelligence has to be better the intelligence has to be better the intelligence has to be better and that's what the media was focused on and we may note of that and said we'll doesn't matter with your intelligence is great you have the best intelligence in the world if you won't act on it you can accomplish anything and that's where the nine eleven commission they talked about the fact that we should have considered preemptive strikes I'll try to well that would have been completely and totally unacceptable but the point wise in the nine eleven commission was that they were were at war with us and we really weren't at war with them we're playing with them we weren't at war with them and so we were going to stop them and it's a cycle that we go through in this country where we get tired of fighting wars we expect that a war will have a beginning a middle and then an end and it should take a particular period of time and then we hear it all the time the US troops should be back where they belong at home the reality is you don't have troops to be at home that's just the hard truth you have troops in order to fight wars abroad so you don't fight them on your own soil but again it's where we exist as a nation we get tired we expect that if we get tired well then they must be tired of it and the one thing you need to do is you need to always understand who your enemy is and what drives your enemy and look at history and if we don't learn from history as they say we're doomed to repeat it again so in this case I agree with Lindsey Graham and I bet you the majority the country disagrees and believes we should be out of Afghanistan completely I don't and we're not will it be a nine eleven I don't know what it will be but we will you know if if we're out of that area hi you will have ISIS al Qaeda it will all grow it's already grown isis is is is growing again as they talk about it's an it's a never you may have to fight the war forever look nobody is stadium well what made you know some people on the left are well you know something we've had cops for a long enough time you know isn't it time that we got rid of the cops come on the cops have been around for over two hundred and forty years we've had enough of the cops we don't need the cops any longer the card should just go away we're getting we're getting tired of of in the budget of pain the cops well we know there's always going to be crime no matter what we do in a free society there's going to be for crime when people are free hi and we live in the kind of society that we that we do well then people are going to commit crimes it's just the reality of human nature you have to understand the human nature of different cultures and and you know what they are willing to do and what their culture is about and radical Islam is not going to die it's not gonna die anywhere in the near future and so yeah will it eventually will admit yeah but you'll always have some type of terrorist group out there it may morph into something else in a hundred years who knows it might not be as long but that's not my concern to figure out or try to predict the future I just look at what history shows us and what we're dealing with right now and so will be interesting to see where the president goes on this but when you look at history and you look at radical Islam and you sit there and say okay well it'll just stay over well if we said that to me how ridiculous would that be well okay we fought long enough and they're not they're going to come over here again let's just leave them alone and if they if we leave them alone they'll leave us alone well you know something the problem is actually been the United States for arresting them and it's all trump's fault ISIS wouldn't be bad nobody would be bad if prompted exists trump is making them all bad and therefore since trump is making them all bad if we just leave and the trump influences in there then they're going to leave us alone excuse my language but I really I you know I saw like an **** talking like that Donna seriously but there are people that actually think that way but it is in got it isn't going to go away in other news here hang on because I have this on I have this on my phone just this just goes back to the hold the the whole story The New York Times store the other day about the allies of of trump are going to go after members of the media are going to try to find bad things and members of the media that attacked them and you know they talk about the one editor of the of the New York times and you know the the tweets being exposed is totally anti semitic tweets where can I were laughing earlier on the show when he was here we're saying well wait a minute mean everybody does that everybody attacks the opposition and if you have a media to look even media that continued to perpetuate a live for two and a half years but the president committed treason and these are some of these suppose and quote most respected journalist in the entire world and they just kept the lie going and so the other side is that okay let's find the truth about you what's going your history and see the racist tweets or the anti semitic tweets that you'll put out before the twenty year history and see what the emails that you had before New York times article in say they're gonna lie a bottom so we're gonna dig up bad dirt on you well that's the reality of where we live today all the other thing was I I had mentioned earlier about Joe Walsh is running against the president one of his excuses was what god put on forty thousand tweets of course you're gonna get involved in go a little bit overboard at times my account after you is it that's a given but this story I I thought was interesting and bring this to the to the forefront because a college professor in Iowa who declared his support for the far left and T. for movement and came under fire for social media post in which he expressed a desire to hit president trump with the bat resigned from his post yesterday Jeff Klansmen and English professor at Kirkwood community college in cedar rapids resigned Tuesday the school said in a statement and accepted his resignation and has an instructor who will teach his one course this semester the decision to name a new instructor for Klinsmann's course was based on securing a safe learning environment for students and staff not on the professor's politics or his right to express his own views the statement said a local TV station which found numerous posts believe written by the professor bolt on his personal page and on and I what and T. four page ask the professor last week about his social media activity he told the local ABC affiliate KCRG TV quote I affirm that I am and T. fun he stood behind his comments some comments were inflammatory to evangelical Christians and he said that he was willing to apologize to questions offended by them the alert reported that in one post Klinsmann showed a poem containing the words kill them all and bury them deep in the ground but is this a Metallica album here to which she added to the comment it's not pretty and I'm not proud but seen what Christians are doing to this country and its people fills me with rage and a desire to exact revenge wow in a July twenty seven tweet president trump what considerations being given to declaring anti for the gutless radical left whacked jobs to go around.

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