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Shulman. It is a 4 to 2 lead for the San Diego Padres over the ST Louis Cardinals going to the top of the fifth at Petco Park and the new pitcher for the Padres. His right hander did Nelson lament making his fourth appearance of the season he has made 32 innings starts he has had Some are issues this year. Some forearm issues remember they had to shut him down for the post season last year. Had a great year Ah, year ago for San Diego with the 209 E R A and 12 starts. As he starts Max Morris, With the strike More off came on in a double switch. He's now it's second base batting in the nine spot. I wouldn't want to count on the pitch from lament had a fastball over the inside corner at 96 so into so the men another guy's singing. They're trying to build back up. He's gone two innings three times, So maybe he's got a little bit more than that. In him tonight. Oh, two on the way, and it's fouled off of the plate is more off, stays alive, But this is a guy. Who's in theory, a big, big part of what San Diego's hoping to accomplish this season. Yeah, I mean it when you talk about, you know, between getting this guy healthy, stretched out getting Mike Levinger Aziz. Well, who they.

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