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The draw. Carter record has it. He'll fire one at the net tipped out front by noting. But tipped white kept in at the blue line. Farside? Whistle back in the pocket. Slow below the goal line as Manala watches over his right shoulder. Coming off the goal line. Evan pheno turns the corner fires away MRs high and wide. Don't can't pick it up. Cook rather, Joe Tyron has it. He'll pound one at the net blocked right off his stick. And it back comes back to the neutral zone. Doukas control it there. Here's Ekberg expert comes in three on three passes to his left leads to a shop. Manala puts the stick down and kicks it into the corner that was off a Bailey. And then the pass it gets out of play farside really good shift by that second line. Sean was active. He got a shot on goal. Gaiger Tehran down low air force to change Pulver pheno Durgin the top line for air force. And this will be Fito picking this face off in the saints into the right of Manila. Forty eight here in the second period. Kind of discussion going on now between Dylan one of the captains and the lines. We just announced the Golden Knights Pete. Anaheim tonight drawing a cheer from the crowd air force wins the draw. They tried to get a shot from Durgin. It's blocked. Picked up at center ice by. Neilson.

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