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Doesn't yeah who is this there's also a credential hello can I finish the question time out the twenty or for our full well all yeah this will be our support center that single can we don't worry don't yeah it's like that guy crash the Oscars things like that you know you get in trouble for a little while but I your fans very well done by Doug Peterson and that fan he did get out sports center and as you mentioned going to Waco how is by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers clinch their first division title since two thousand sixteen with a win over the Vikings are multiplied football after the game Rodgers joined ESPN Deportes John Sutcliffe how would you describe this winter and would fail those results really started on Tues again as soon as it originally bottoms but it but I'm going to put you miss when I finally finally if you like yes the Grande tequila and Phillies allowed to go free but it but the first thing was we fail it's like okay that's the first thing is supposed to come to your mind how often have you heard that way yeah that's that's I'll get very ugly so he actually I didn't realize that so he actually has pretty good so you must have a little more Spanish now soldier those documents Kirk cousins must been talking occur because of an affable record Rogers have Wu wear Rogers I'm fine and speaking of ESPN Deportes this is what it sounded like on ESPN support base when Eastern Michigan quarterback Michael after multiple punches with ten seconds left in the eagles quick lane bowl loss versus Pittsburgh what were you able okay loans have better deal completamente play pay one of the Seattle office yeah okay you'll glass echo a bit better than the last syllable postura yes No foot instead of months in federal the foil that body it's a big your an OP Sierra it's a good that's fail it's and it was it was ugly last night and there's a lot of debate on Twitter about whether or not the referee flopped we we post that the collector we go Twitter handle and some people saying yes red triangle brought lebron has nothing to do with that yes yes it always is do the bright house sports through everything comes back to liberal you say the officials doing incredible bodies out of your stepped out to stand some folks coming to the officials defense saying yet might better he just try to get out of the way he did know what was coming next right now I have you ever had a a punch go was read by your face it's a little bit shocking and so I think that official I think he expected to have been hit as these did what they would do have you been here I think there was a glancing blow I really do you know some driver I make my own office yeah I am in a life nearly frame by frame no clue decisively there was no contact face it was strictly Bram now I will accept the explanation that this RAF was merely trying to avoid ventrally being hit by a subsequent punch I'm all in on that one I'm okay with it but if you were trying to tell me that the sheer force of contacting the brim is enough to knock this referee down Trevor we're gonna have to have a war because you are supposed to be our must okay during the break you put on a broom and we'll see what Mike glass versus last which I.

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