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Your picks, and here's one my name is Jeff Krant from Batavia Illinois in my book recommendation for twenty eighteen is the rise and fall dinosaurs. By Steve precisely Dr precisely rates in a eloquent way that is easy for everybody to understand and he sheds new light on dinosaur. Evolution it is a must read for all of you Dino buffs out there. Being one of them is one of my favorite books of the year. When we had this one also from Julie g in New Jersey origin story by David Christian gives you the big history of everything just like it says, it's really informative, and I'm still picking up the pieces of my mind that it blew while reading. It definitely deserves a second raid. Now, we've gathered a panel of readers here with us to guide us through year the year in books, we wanna know what they thought about him. Stephanie Sendaula send dollar like New York dollar. Dollars and associated library journal reviews here in New York. She's with us here in New York studios. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you for having me IRA. You welcome never blonde director of the Knight science journalism program at MIT and author of the poison squad a solid pick as we'll be talking about it. Welcome back. Debra. Thank you. It's great to be back back. Eric Topol I- cardiologists and executive vice president and professor at scripts research in LA Hoya, California. Good to have you back. Eric, thanks. I record to be way the full list of our panel's recommendations and some of mine, you can see them all at science Friday dot com slash.

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