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Much that you would associate with Colorado truly is associated directly with the Broadmoor is it down ice palace at the Broadmoor. Well, we used to have the ice palace world arena. And now, of course, as time has gone nineteen ninety-five at moves down the road. Of course, our history is still celebrated here at the hotel with the skating celebrities and our history of skating, but the actual ice rink is five minutes and the hotel it is still Broadmoor world arena. So we are very much a part of the skating world. It just isn't sitting in our back door now as you know, that's where our west tower now stands now, we are in February and many people. Snows in Colorado yesterday and today in Denver. It's fifty six. Skies and sunshine. How is the weather in Colorado Springs where that same hotel is situated? It is beautiful. So we were so thrilled to get the snow because although we've enjoyed kind of the banana belts have winter here in Colorado Springs, we need the moisture so we had a great snail last night. The mountains are snowcapped, and we have the most brilliant blue skies and I'm walking around without a coat today. So a typical Colorado. Go ahead. Well, I'm just thinking that it is just the most special place to be PR weather. It is winter or summer or anytime throughout this year. I think it's a point that people should make to come. Celebrate our centennial with us. Absolutely. The Penrose room has always been for me the finale meaning. Great event of dining is there. Anything special going on for the anniversary of the? Broadmoor hotel the hundred year anniversary every one of our restaurants will indeed have something happening that celebrates our centennial. And that will be a part. But.

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