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Trey BURKE COOKIES. I even got real cookies burnt them. Yeah Prince Club pictures of that. I don't actually. I'm so annoyed. I went to a party and everything but nobody took a picture of news so road. Do you know me the famous my own mind. I'm a guest on a podcast a couple times animals. I'm basically co host Mark Wahlberg. Yeah I know him no relation Berg so The rap replica towns and family homes they were completely obliterated obviously during the test bombings and upon reflecting when he was observing those tasks he years later he reflected on what he was feeling what he observed other scientists and their behavior after dropping this bomb at white sands. And if you get a chance to find the the youtube videos of Oppenheimer in this reflection it's really it's really intense. Like he kind of looks like is GonNa Cry. He looks really really skinny and kind of just like a sad person. Maybe that's just my interpretation of it but he just looked like a downtrodden much older gentleman who maybe like juggling. These roles that he played that interacted are history. Seems like a heavy burden to carry. Yeah no kidding so they. I tested the weapon on July sixteenth. Nineteen forty five and Oppenheimer later share that some scientists were laughing. Some were crying laughing. Yeah laughing I don't know. He doesn't further expand whether or not it's like this historic hysterical giddy laughter or is it like an uncomfortable after the ocean. We did this. What are we GONNA do? I didn't know that the the what are they called the candy. The minton the coke was gonNA explode until I just thought it would. We should try it at node actually. And if you watch the footage of what that looked like it was I mean if you can imagine being somebody in the fifties though had been insane sight to see that go off. Yeah like a science kind of technically assigned explosion in the League is later on. I think they did later on like actually test on like live. Animals like cows and sheep and stuff like that and the skin's being stripped off so understandably leave their reactions. Were mixed so like you said Oppenheimer said some people were crying. Some people were laughing. Some people were totally silent for him. This is how he identified how he felt. He said I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture the Baga Vodka Gita Vishnu is trying to persuade the prince that he should do his duty which is to be in war. Okay 'cause he was like I just want to clarify the heart of it because he doesn't talk about it in this quote but the prince did not WANNA fight. He didn't want to kill anybody. And Vishnu is trying to convince him that. It is his duty to do that. Go ahead sorry no good. Thank you so vicious. Trying to persuade the prince that he should do his duty and to impress him. He takes out his multi armed form and says now I am become death the destroyer of worlds. So I think Oppenheimer genuinely recognized that what he had participated the creation that he had participated in was going to have such a huge impact on the the world's future and that largely that impact was going to mean death. Lots of Beth. Yeah I mean to almost two hundred twenty five thousand dead in Japan alone. It's just I can't imagine what he must have felt. I think it's similar to what the creator of dynamite fell. You know like you create this thing. And it's so destructive right you know. I definitely believe that oppenheimer was torn about about this. Chretien the atomic weapon. I think he recognized that. There was a potential obliteration. Being weighed against the ongoing atrocities being waged by the German and Japanese regimes. So here he is a Jewish man recognizing that other Jews were being slaughtered. In Germany that Japan was an ally of Germany. Japan had waged war on us with Pearl Harbor and he was hoping to create a weapon that was potentially going to deny late. All those potential enemies definitely sent a message right. There was no doubt in the world's mind at that point that we were not fucking around right but I guess my question for you. I may be jumping the gun here on on what you WanNa talk about. But why did New Mexico get involved in all of this jury? Cover that no not yet. But thank you for bringing. That is a good segue so rewinding back to the creation of these weapons. We wanted tether back to New Mexico and there was a reason why New Mexico selected to develop the Manhattan project and that was again back to Oppenheimer Oppenheimer who was originally from New York but he became familiar with New Mexico because he traveled here in his early teens. early twenties to be treated for illness in he'd completely fell in love with the mountains. He fell in the desert landscape. What you guys. I just really WANNA fuck this shit. I don't know that he said that But I definitely know the heat like that. It was a very isolated territory like it was theraworx for still. Aren't that many people around here. Same thing that makes it. Great for colts also makes a great for atomic bomb so in nineteen forty one even before the US entered the war President Roosevelt pushed for the US to develop an atomic weapon. So Lieutenant Leslie Groves happened to be a colleague of Oppenheimer and so they were both tasked with finding a location to work on this project and Oppenheimer immediately said. Let's go check out New Mexico so they ended up checking out Los Alamos specifically an area called the Los Alamos ranch school so there was already some pre existing buildings that they could build off of pre existing infrastructure. Like water and stuff like that so it was. It had all everything that they were looking for and he was also incredibly isolated difficult to find difficult to get to which would help support the secretive nature of their work so they really thought this is the place where we can work on this war ending weapon at the same time though. Stolen was completely aware stall in being the leader of Russia at the time was completely aware that the US was going to work on developing an atomic weapon and he already had designated multiple sympathizers with Russia or active buys within Russia to get information from the US efforts to develop the atomic weapon. So just as soon as you started its efforts identifying Los Alamos doing all these things. Russia was right behind us. And saying we're going to get the goods and we're going to be able to beat them to this. Nuclear weapons is like the precursor to the Cold War. Right exactly okay. So we're no I know a couple of things right and and if you think about the. Us is in this weird. By the time we enter the war. We're in a weird relationship with Russia where we're technically working together. They are working to push back the Nazi forces and we have landed in Europe to also push back the Nazi for because there are also developing this whole Communist. Right there were. There were already identified as a communist regime which whatever listeners feel has its own sentiments and we don't want to get down that rabbit hole about causing communism gay but that's exactly what a call no answer so. Los Alamos saw the arrival of a low level engineer named David Greenglass and he came around the same time that vary trusted. Kgb spy and a very renowned scientists name Klaus. Fuchs was also ripened Los Alamos. What a few Fuchs Spelled F. U. C. H. S. Did you ever middle school like right or like high school? Faq like fuck you now. I never did that are used to do. I was too busy doing that. Ask Gang Symbol. So maybe he was the one that wanted to few shit up CA. I think they all wanted a few. But Fuchs was definitely more high level he was an actual physicist whereas greenglass was a little bit low level. I wouldn't say unsophisticated machinist and he was very skilled at that. He was really good at making things. Yeah and but he wasn't necessarily know scientists right. He wasn't like this. You know brain power behind the razor writing the equations for fusion making the components for the devices so few China arrived in Los Alamos but also at the same time when we say like the KGB. I'm using that as like a colloquial term. It wasn't technically the KGB at the time the KGB came later on in the fifties technically at the time it was the key that was Kinda like their speed network. I mean I think KGB is used. Colloquial amount to other gives an all expansive term for? Yeah actually Putin used to be a member of the KGB. And that's why they say he's so good at like manipulating world leaders into doing he has all these skills that he learned from the KGB. Come the first person to throw you under the bus every time everytime I'll take you down with me so technically it was the cave but you know going back but hold on hold on I wanna I just WanNa take a minute. Yes One Minute. I feel like my listeners. Really need to understand that that you have a crush on Vladimir Putin. I no longer have a crush. Because he's an awful person he is just a really bad guy. Could use to have a crash there. I just found him attractive. It's something about like that small man big ego thing. I don't know I mean you would assume I have a crush on Tom Cruise but I don't. It's something about like being a I mean I don't know I can't explain it. There's no way to explain or justify my attraction to Vladimir Putin granted. This was before his horrific facelift. Yes so to my credit. This was before you completely butchered his face but but also was still buttering people civil sales. Yes okay is a better face back to the story. I mean He. He Rides on bears. He hunts shirt lives. You're going to get so much flack from your listeners. Who were like? Putin's awful know he's off. I know he's like seven hundred letters of people like Oh my God I feel the same way. It finally saved us in safe places love and again. It's not I don't love him as a person I just. There's something attractive about him. I felt that at the time no longer do that by now. I'm all about Captain America. Chris Evans my new stick right now. Okay okay now. Being see now you've got to be distracted about my pinterest. Became my mentor. Looking at images of Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson. Why don't you like? Did you ever get together so the KGB again cloaked term? They were. They knew that they didn't want to hedge their bets. On one person they were being smart about things so they're basically showering Los Alamos with as many intercepts that they could come up with. It could bring information back to Russia and help. Russia's efforts to develop the A-BOMB or develop nuclear weaponry before the US gets it first right so greenglass in nineteen forty four. He was living in Los Alamos and his wife. Ruth had actually settled in a boardinghouse in Albuquerque again in nineteen forty four and he would come from Los Alamos to go and visit her two hours. Yeah and so they were staying. She was staying in this boarding house. Not just because they were working on this spy plan but because they they did love each other and they wanted to try to be as close to each other as possible so she was staying at a boarding house and she was serving as the Messenger so greenglass would come bring the information and then ruth would pass it on to Julius Rosenberg now. Julius WAS MARRIED TO DAVID SISTER. Ethel Ethel Rosenberg. David's wife. Ruth was staying at the boardinghouse in Albuquerque and the boarding house. If you look at it. It's still here in Albuquerque. It's known as the spy house. It's a bed and breakfast. You can actually go and stay there. Which ago took it out..

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